The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5561

When the old man said this, Kairi and Xion were crying.

Zayne on the side was also ashamed.

He knew that the Banks family’s reputation had always been bad.

My old man even did not hesitate to kill his ex-wife Deana for the sake of Elms family’s reputation. Fortunately, charlie rescued their mother and daughter.

It was also this matter that made the whole country, even the whole world, cast aside the men of the Banks family.

It is probably because of this matter that the old man of the Elms family said these words, so he has some concerns.

Zayne, who was extremely ashamed, immediately raised his right hand and swore, “Dad, don’t worry, I have made a decision. After I get married with Kairi, I will stay and settle in Aurous Hill. Not only can I spend more time with Xion, but Kairi and I can also spend more time together.” Come back to see you, and I will definitely treat Kairi wholeheartedly, live with her wholeheartedly and do my best to protect her, if I can’t do it, you and the Elms family can kill me at any time!” Mr. elms is

satisfied Nodding his head, he handed Kairi’s hand to Zayne’s, and said gratifiedly, “In this case, I don’t have any other requests. You can take Kairi away!” Zayne was very grateful, and said respectfully, “Thank

you Dad! Don’t worry, Dad, I will never let Kairi be wronged!”

“Okay, okay!” Mr. elms said three good times in a row, waved his hand with a smile, and signaled the two to leave.

The two looked at each other, got up and walked out of the house.

Accompanied by Zayne, Kairi boarded the first wedding car.

Xion and other female members of the Banks family also drove to the hotel together.

According to the customs of Chinese weddings, Zayne originally planned to take Kairi to his home to worship, and then went to the hotel with Kairi to hold the wedding.

However, the Banks family was not from Aurous Hill, and charlie deliberately didn’t want people to know that today was the wedding of bank’s eldest son, so he prepared a presidential suite for Zayne at the Shangri-La Hotel, and used it as Zayne’s home.

This is also quite common in wedding customs, but in the past, the woman came from other places to the city where the man lived, and opened a room in the hotel as a wedding room for the wedding.

Therefore, according to common sense, it should be that Kairi’s family went to a certain hotel in Eastcliff to stay, and then Zayne went to the hotel to take her home to pay homage to her.

But charlie designated a location for Zayne, and it must be in Shangri-La. There was no other choice, so Zayne could only go against the rules.

At this time, most of the people in the Banks family, including the old man and Zara banks, were waiting in the presidential suite of the hotel.

And the invited guests of the Ito family were already waiting here at this time.

In addition, there is also a well-known male host from Eastcliff, 46-year-old Feng Zidong.

Feng Zidong is a household name in China, and he can be called a top host. He came here today because he was invited by Xion to be the emcee of the wedding.

The reason why he was invited over was because his parents were also martial artists and had a close personal relationship with the Elms family, and he grew up in the Elms family when he was young.

Xion is not worried that outsiders will know the news of his father’s marriage, nor that outsiders will see that his mother’s arms are healthy. After all, only the Banks family and the Elms family know about his mother’s disability.

What she was worried about was charlie, who was about to be the witness of the marriage, and worried that charlie’s identity would be revealed.

Feng Zidong himself grew up in Elms’s family, and he is a descendant of martial arts masters. He was watched by Mr. elms when he grew up. His character is completely trustworthy, so he will definitely keep his mouth shut about today’s affairs.


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