The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5563

charlie looked at himself in casual attire, and said with a smile, “When I went out, I didn’t want my father-in-law and mother-in-law to be suspicious, so I didn’t wear a suit, but I brought Now, I’ll change into it before the ceremony begins.”

At this time, Jasmine moore, who was wearing a dress, also rushed over, and seeing that charlie had arrived, she quickly stepped forward and respectfully said, “Master Wade, you are here.”

charlie nodded slightly , said with a smile, “Jasmine , I heard that you have worked hard for this wedding, you have worked hard!” Jasmine moore hurriedly said

, “Master Wade, you are too polite, these are what I should do.”

Are you okay?”

“Very good.” Jasmine moore replied, “Grandpa has been talking about you recently, saying that he wants to invite you to have a gathering at home, but he is afraid of delaying your business.” charlie smiled and said, “When you go back, tell the old

man , I will definitely visit when I have time.”

Jasmine moore was overjoyed, her eyes sparkled with excitement, she nodded without thinking, “Okay, Master Wade, I will tell Grandpa when I get back, he will be very happy!” A

girl She ran over and said to Xion, “Miss Xion, Mr. Feng would like to ask you if the witness has arrived. If so, I want to confirm the procedure with you and the witness.”

“It’s already here.” Xion nodded, looked at charlie, and asked him, “Mr. Wade, is it convenient for you to come with me to meet Mr. Feng? He is the host I invited from Eastcliff, come to my dad Let’s play a guest role as emcee at my mother’s wedding.”

charlie said briskly, “Okay, let’s go see you.”

Xion heaved a sigh of relief, and asked the girl, “Where is Teacher Feng now?”

The girl said, “Teacher Feng is resting in the back. Room.”

“Okay.” Xion nodded, and said to charlie, “Mr. Wade, let’s go!”

charlie followed Xion through the banquet hall in the sky garden and came to the lounge behind the banquet hall.

She knocked on the door, and a middle-aged man’s voice came from inside, “Please come in!”

Xion pushed the door open, and saw a middle-aged man with an extraordinary appearance, holding a manuscript and concentrating on it. Meditate.

This middle-aged man is Feng Zidong, a well-known news anchor with a high reputation in China.

The first time charlie saw him, he immediately recognized him. Although charlie seldom watched TV, he still paid close attention to the biggest news program in the country, so he naturally recognized this top host.

At this moment, Xion respectfully said to Feng Zidong, “Uncle Feng, this is Mr. Wade, the witness of my parents’ wedding.” After that,


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