The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5564

she said to charlie, “Mr. Wade, this is Feng Zidong, who is also my Uncle Gan, he grew up in Elm’s family and is my grandfather’s adopted son.”

charlie had seen Feng Zidong on TV, but he never expected that when he saw Feng Zidong in person, he discovered that Feng Zidong was actually a warrior.

However, his cultivation is only at the entry-level one-star level.

Feng Zidong also raised his head to look at charlie at this time, he couldn’t help being stunned for a moment, he murmured subconsciously, “It’s too similar… It’s too similar… Young man, Xion just said your surname is wade?” charlie

slightly He frowned, but still nodded calmly and said, “Yes, my surname is wade.”

Feng Zidong asked him a little excitedly, “Young man, what is your relationship with bruce?!”

charlie was astonished, but at the same time he asked vigilantly, “Mr. Feng knows my father?”

Feng Zidong was even more excited when he heard the words, and blurted out “You are really the son of senior Bruce! They said you were missing, but they didn’t expect you to be alive!”

charlie nodded and asked him, “Excuse me, what is the relationship between Mr. Feng and my father?”

Feng Zidong blurted out, “Thirty-two years A few years ago, I went to the United States to study when I was fourteen years old, and I was your father’s junior.”

charlie was amazed, “Are you and my father alumni?”

“Not just alumni!” Feng Zidong said excitedly, “I was one of the students in that year , the youngest one, your father took great care of me back then.”

As he said, he asked charlie, “If you can come to Xion’s parents’ wedding today, you must have returned to wade’s house, right?

” He must be a smart person, so he didn’t hide it, nodded and said, “I’ve already returned, but the outside world basically doesn’t know about it.”

Feng Zidong nodded, and said gratifiedly, “I have never figured out why the Banks family seems to be joining hands with Wanlongdian. I won the wade family, but then suddenly changed the head of the family. This is not in line with the commonality and basic logic of the tough old heads of the big family. I see you on this occasion today, and you are the witness of today’s wedding. I think I probably I understand what’s going on!”

As he spoke, he couldn’t help sighing, “Brother Bruce was a dragon and phoenix in the past, but now it seems that his son is also extraordinary!”

charlie cupped his hands, “You are ridiculous!”

As he said that, charlie curiously asked the question in his mind, “Mr. Feng, you have been studying abroad since you were fourteen years old. You must have worked very hard to study here, but I think you still have the foundation of a martial artist. Could it be that you also learned martial arts when you were young?” Feng Zidong was surprised


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