The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5567

“Okay.” Feng Zidong nodded, and said with a smile, “Today’s wedding doesn’t have too many guests, and all the relatives of both men and women came, so we didn’t deliberately sensationalize Well, the style I expected here is solemn and warm, but if your speech is more sensational, I can also make some adjustments to pave the way for you.” charlie smiled and said, “I’m actually not very good at sensationalism,

or According to what you said, let’s focus on solemnity and warmth!”


11:58 noon.

The wedding ceremony officially begins.

After Feng Zidong, as the master of ceremonies, opened the ceremony for the wedding, Zayne, who was wearing a decent suit, stepped onto the main stage of the wedding.

During the interaction with Feng Zidong, Zayne didn’t hide anything, telling the story of his acquaintance with Kairi, his daughter Xion, and his decision to propose to her again.

During this process, he not only expressed his shame to Kairi and Xion, but also expressed his gratitude to charlie, and even bluntly said, “Taking this opportunity today, I would like to sincerely thank Mr. The help to our Banks family, tolerance to the Banks family, and personal punishment to me.” “

If it wasn’t for Mr. Wade, I’m afraid it would be difficult for me to find a suitable opportunity to truly calm down and think seriously about myself. What exactly do I want? It was also during this process that I realized that what I want is not money and power, but what I want is an ordinary life and simple happiness.” His words

, Fitz, who was the best man, agreed very much, and couldn’t help but nod again and again.

Without charlie’s beating, whether it is him or his father, they must still be living in that arrogant body, self-righteous and complacent.

Lord Banks, the old man of the Banks family in the audience, saw that the eldest son and grandson were all out of Stockholm Syndrome by charlie, and he couldn’t help cursing inwardly, “What a waste! He could have been the head of the house, but now he’s directly the head of the house and her father, you are still here to thank charlie ? He put you under house arrest at Elms’s house, but you should thank him instead? I was sent to Madagascar by him to feed the giraffes, shouldn’t I also be grateful to him?” After scolding Zayne, he looked at Fitz again, grinding his teeth


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