The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5569

At this moment, Kairi, wearing a pure white wedding dress, combined with her figure and temperament far surpassing her peers, instantly amazed the audience.

Although Zayne accompanied her to choose and try on this wedding dress, but seeing Kairi wearing a wedding dress on the wedding stage, Zayne still felt his eyes brighten.

Then, under the guidance of the master of ceremonies, he stepped in front of Kairi and Mr. elms, took Kairi from Mr. elms’s hand, and led her to the stage.

At this time, the master of ceremonies said, “Next, we will invite a special guest. He is the witness specially invited by the couple today. Together, thanks to the help of this witness, we now invite the witness, Mr. charlie, to give a speech!” The

guests in the audience applauded, and charlie, who had changed into a suit, also stood up slowly , stepping towards the stage.

Before going on stage, the staff of Shangri-La handed charlie a microphone. After charlie took it, he strode onto the stage and came to the side of the couple.

Holding the microphone, charlie paused for a moment, and then said, “It’s a great honor, and I’m also very scared, to be invited by two elders to such a meaningful wedding scene, to be their witness, I didn’t prepare anything this time. I just want to share my heart with the two elders and all the guests.”

After speaking, charlie paused for two seconds and continued, “My parents left very early, but fortunately, they are here When I was young, they gave me a perfect family atmosphere, they love each other, and they can tolerate, understand and support each other in life; ” “And they used practical

actions to make me understand the truth that life is as long as When you meet the right person and find the right direction, you will be able to overcome obstacles all the way without any disadvantages;” “

This kind of overcoming has nothing to do with ability and wealth, nor has it anything to do with powerful enemies and dangers. This kind of overcoming obstacles is related to everything in life. Negative and careless;”

“In my memory, even though they ended up with nothing and could only take me to rent in a dilapidated small yard, they still loved each other deeply and loved life;” “My mother, every

day She will try her best to clean up every corner of the house, and she will also try her best to prepare every ingredient on the chopping board, and always maintain enthusiasm and smile; “”

And my father will do his best in this city Looking for an opportunity to support his family, even when he came back covered in dust and sweat, he still maintained the same enthusiasm and smile as my mother; “Although

he was very hard during that time, he never complained about the unsatisfactory and suffering of life, because In his eyes, as long as his wife and son are by his side, there will be no suffering in life; “”

Moreover, they have never neglected my education because of the hardships of life;” “

In my memory, my father last I once taught me to read. I read “The Story of Yueyang Tower” by Fan Zhongyan, a writer of the Song Dynasty. Expect how rich you will be in this life, and don’t expect how high you will go in this life. As long as you have been doing what you want to do with your heart and doing the right thing, even if it seems mediocre to outsiders, this life is still worth it ;”

“Father’s education to me has always deeply influenced my outlook on life and values. On the roof of the building, when looking up at the starry sky, you still maintain enthusiasm and smile for life; “

Having said this, charlie took a deep breath and said seriously, “I said this to tell all the guests present today that my parents used Their practical actions tell me that the greatest blessing in life is not how much wealth or achievement you have, but to meet the right person at the right time, and to do the right thing with the right person. If these three are correct, then you will be the happiest and most successful;” “


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