The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5570

So, here I am, and I sincerely hope that the two newcomers can also work together for a lifetime of happiness on the basis of these three correctnesses! thank you all!”

charlie’s speech from the heart moved everyone present.

While they kept applauding, they couldn’t help feeling admiration and longing for the love of charlie’s parents like a fairy couple.

Moreover, all the people present knew charlie’s identity.

They knew how lonely bruce was when he left Eastcliff with his wife Lydia (Ava) ( Charlie’s mom ) and son charlie, and they knew that they died here shortly after they came to Aurous Hill.

But they don’t know that even if they have faded away from the aura and background of the big family, they don’t have any disappointment or unwillingness. They can still face life optimistically and manage their small family to perfection.

Even without relying on everything from the Wade family, bruce can still build a small boat belonging to her own small family like in a song, then wash her hair, climb onto the mast, and prop up the tender vines. Leafy home.

And Lydia (Ava) ( Charlie’s mom ) can also give up all his aura, and stay by his and his son’s side wholeheartedly, making this small family warm and beautiful with all their heart.

At this moment, everyone looked at bruce and Lydia (Ava) ( Charlie’s mom ) with new admiration.

And Zayne was also extremely ashamed in his heart, thinking back on his anger and resignation after the Su family lost power, there was really a gap of thousands of miles between himself and bruce.

It was also at this moment that he understood why his son was just an idiot with a bright academic background and experience before, while bruce’s son, even though he grew up in an orphanage and was in constructionGrowing up on a construction site can also be extraordinary.

The real difference lies in bruce’s attitude towards life and family, that open-mindedness, that responsibility, and that enthusiasm and dedication, which cannot be caught up by her flattery.

Just now, the old man of the Su family was secretly scolding his son and grandson for being incompetent, but at this moment, he realized that the ineffectiveness of his son and grandson was largely due to his education and influence on them.

Neither I nor my son was as great as bruce, so neither I nor my son had a son as good as charlie.

Ito Yuhiko was already in tears at this time.

He could spend his life pampering Nanako Ito, but the biggest regret deep in his soul was not being able to leave a son to continue his surname and mantle.

Hearing charlie’s words this time, this regret was magnified countless times in an instant.

The regret was so magnified in an instant that he felt in his heart that there was only one chance to make up for this regret, and that was to let charlie be his son-in-law.

A half son-in-law, even in Europe and the United States, is called n for son-in-law, which literally translates to son at the legal level.

Ito Yuhiko couldn’t help shouting loudly in his heart! A legal son is also a son!

But at this moment, charlie’s confidante friends in the audience have already had red eyes.

They knew that it was not easy for charlie to live many years since he was a child. Only today did he realize that what he lost was such a perfect pair of parents. If it were someone else, the gap between heaven and hell would be gone. It just fell apart.

But charlie persisted all the way relying on the spiritual heritage left to him by his parents.

At this time, they also asked themselves a question in their hearts. In charlie’s mind, who is the right person?


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