The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5571

As Zayne kissed his bride on the stage, the wedding was considered to have come to an end.

When dining at the table, charlie was at the same table with the old men of the two families, and Feng Zidong. Apart from toasting tea to the two old men at the wedding ceremony, after the toast, the first toast was charlie.

During the toast, the two brought their best man and bridesmaids with a humble and grateful attitude.

Zayne raised his glass to charlie, bowed slightly, and said respectfully, “Mr. Wade, you are the great benefactor of our family. Thousands of words are in the wine, and I respect you!” charlie smiled slightly and said,

” Mr. banks, from today onwards, you are free, and I will not interfere with where you want to go or what you do in the whole world.”

Zayne said gratefully, “Thank you, Mr. Wade, for being lenient . It has been decided to settle down in Aurous Hill with Kairi!”

charlie nodded and said, “Aurous Hill is a good place, you settle here, it is closer to Xionu and Zara, and Ms. Elms is also closer to Mr. Elms, if If you need anything in Aurous Hill, you can tell the two sisters at any time, and if you need help, you can also find me or Isaac Cameron.” Zayne said gratefully, “

Thank you, Mr. Wade, for your generosity!”

charlie also smiled, Pick up the wine glass and drink it down.

Kairi then filled it up for charlie with her own hands, took up the cup herself, and said gratefully, “Mr. Wade, I am stupid and can’t say anything. Your kindness will always be remembered by the Elms family. Listen to your orders, dare not refuse!”

charlie smiled lightly, and said seriously, “Aunt He, in the future, you can entrust Xion with the affairs of the Elms family, and as for yourself, you can live a two-person world with peace of mind.” He

Kairi She nodded gratefully. She knew that charlie had always taken care of Xion, and that Xion had become a five-star warrior with charlie’s help. Although she didn’t know that Xion had become an eight-star warrior, in her opinion, Even a five-star warrior is already the most powerful existence of the Elms family, so the future Elms family must rely on Ruo Li to flourish.

At 1:30 in the afternoon, the wedding banquet had come to an end. Isaac Cameron walked up to charlie and whispered in his ear, “Master, the helicopter is ready and ready to go.” “Okay.” charlie nodded and asked the person beside

him Feng Zidong “Uncle Feng, if it’s convenient for you, let’s leave in ten minutes?”

Feng Zidong said without hesitation, “Okay! I will say goodbye to my adoptive father and sister Kairi.”

After that, he got up and had a close relationship with the bride and groom. The nearby Elms family said goodbye one by one.

charlie said to Xion, “Xion, you can come with me later.”

Xion knew that charlie was going to talk to Feng Zidong about some very sensitive and even very confidential content, but charlie unexpectedly let Feng Zidong Together, she was surprised, but she was also very excited, thinking that this meant that charlie trusted her very much.


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