The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5572

So, she nodded heavily, and said respectfully, “Okay, Mr. Wade, Xion obeys.”

charlie held the wine glass, came to Ito Yuhiko and Ito Nanako, and said, “Mr. Ito, Nanako, I have something urgent later I need to leave first, so you probably won’t be leaving Huaxia for the time being, right?”

Takehiko Ito, who was in a happy mood after drinking a few glasses of wine, said with a smile, “I’m listening to Nanako now. Just stay as long as you want.”

After finishing speaking, he changed the subject and joked, “If Nanako thinks that I, an old man, is in the way and asks me to go back first, I have no objection, and I am ready to pack up and leave at any time.” Nanako Ito said shyly,

” Odo-san… what are you talking about… who would think you are in the way…”

Ito Yuhiko sighed, and said seriously, “I was afraid that I would not be in the way! You said it would be great if I was in the way…”

Nanako Ito, who was smart and smart, understood the meaning of her father’s words at once, and she was extremely ashamed. She clenched her jade hands into fists and kept tapping on the table, whispering angrily, “Odo-san! You are getting more and more The more old and disrespectful it is!”

Yuhiko Ito smiled, and turned to charlie and said, “Mr. Wade, I don’t think we will leave Aurous Hill in a short time, so we can meet again another day.” Seeing her

father getting serious, Nanako Ito hurriedly adjusted After calming down, he stroked the hair on his temples again, and said softly to charlie, “Mr. charlie will go to work first if you have something to do. My father and I really plan to stay in Aurous Hill for a few days. We have been busy with the wedding a few days ago. Wanting and I Elder sister, and Miss Qin haven’t found a chance to make an appointment.”

charlie nodded lightly, and said with a smile, “Okay, after I finish dealing with the matter at hand, I will host a banquet for the two of you at Tianxiang Mansion. There are your aunts, Ms. Ito and Mr. Tanaka.”

“Okay!” Nanako Ito smiled sweetly, and said without thinking, “Anyway, Aurous Hill is the territory of Mr. charlie, and we will follow Mr. charlie’s arrangements here!” …


greeting , charlie left the hotel with Feng Zidong and Xion.

The three of them took a helicopter from the top floor of the hotel and went straight to the Champs Elysees Hot Spring Villa.

This hot spring hotel, together with the villa in the middle of the mountain behind, are all properties of the Wade family, and it is far away from the urban area, the environment is quiet, and no one disturbs them, so charlie intends to reserve this place as one of the places for training dark masters in the future a base.

The hot spring hotel has now closed its business to the outside world. As for the villas in the middle of the mountain, some of them have been sold, so Isaac Cameron has now begun to sell them.These villas are repurchased.


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