The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5573

In view of the strength of the Wade family and Isaac Cameron’s offer far exceeding the market price, the owners of these villas have readily agreed to repurchase, and now they have signed contracts to move out one after another, and have begun to go through the property rights change agreement.

After these property rights are repurchased, this is charlie’s venue with the highest security level in China.

The helicopter landed in the courtyard of charlie’s hot spring villa. When the three of them stepped into the villa, the helicopter had already taken off again, heading to the hot spring hotel down the mountain to wait.

charlie brought Feng Zidong and Xion to the basement where Xion broke through to the eight-star martial artist. Here, after inviting Feng Zidong to take a seat, he said, “Uncle Feng, it’s absolutely safe here. You can speak freely if you have anything to say.”

Feng Zidong nodded, and said without sloppiness, “We talked before the wedding, why should I change careers to be a host, then I’ll start with this topic.” charlie nodded slightly, made a gesture of please, and

waited Follow Feng Zidong’s text below.

Feng Zidong said slowly, “The reason why I want to change careers to be a host is because I want to find out the whereabouts of my parents. I told you before that when I was six years old, my parents fostered me in the Elms family and then disappeared. I don’t understand.”

charlie asked, “So you hope that after you become a well-known host, they will have a chance to see you?” “

Yes.” Feng Zidong said with a blazing gaze, “Actually, I always thought that they should have encountered There was an accident, so I never came back to look for me.”

Speaking of this, Feng Zidong sighed, and said, “Until twenty years ago, just a few days before your father’s accident, he sent me an email. He told me that there is a high probability that my parents are still alive.”

charlie frowned slightly and asked him, “My dad? How would he know about your parents?”

Feng Zidong did not answer charlie’s question, but looked at charlie and said very seriously, “charlie, do you know why your parents returned to China?” charlie said, “I heard it was

my dad who wanted to come back to revitalize the Wade family.” As for my mother, she probably came back with him out of the mentality of marrying a chicken and following a chicken, and marrying a dog as a dog.”

Feng Zidong laughed and said, “Look, this is your father’s brilliance. If he doesn’t want others to see through him No one in this world can see through him.”

charlie frowned and asked, “Uncle Feng, what do you mean? According to what you said, my parents returned to China because they had other secrets behind them?”

Feng Zidong smiled mysteriously, and said to charlie, “In the eyes of everyone, bruce and Lydia (Ava) ( Charlie’s mom ) are a couple of geniuses in the business field and gods in the financial industry, but in fact, from the time I knew your father, he was a couple.” People who are very interested in martial arts and Chinese traditional culture, even those superstitions and metaphysics that are spurned by senior intellectuals, he is also happy


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