The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5575

“This…” charlie was already feeling very confused, and he couldn’t help muttering, “In my impression, before my parents left Eastcliff, they had been focusing on business matters, and I had never heard that they were interested in archaeology or tomb robbery. Hobbies, I can’t find any related memories from my childhood memories.”

Feng Zidong said, “Your parents are extremely smart people, they never let anyone know their real purpose, except me, of course.”

Said Then, Feng Zidong said again, “Back to the topic of your parents returning to China, in fact, your parents decided to leave the United States and return to China to develop. It is not what the outside world thinks. Your father wants to return to China to revitalize the Wade family, and your mother wants to marry a chicken and follow the chicken;” “

Actually They didn’t plan to go back to China at first, or they didn’t plan to go back to China in such a hurry, but suddenly one day, your father found me and told me that he had made a very important discovery in the United States, and he must rush back to China as soon as possible to confirm the discovery. Whether it is true or not, I asked him what the major discovery was, but he didn’t tell me clearly, he just said that if it goes well, he can solve the problems and doubts he has been having all along.” Hearing this, charlie felt that his three views were somewhat

different subversion.

When he was giving the wedding speech at noon, he still felt that he knew his parents very well.

But unexpectedly, after only an hour or two, Feng Zidong described another of them that he had never seen before.

After about two minutes of silence, charlie asked Feng Zidong, “Uncle Feng, before my father’s accident, what else did he say besides telling you that your parents may still be alive?” Feng Zidong’s expression became serious, word by

word said, “Your father also said that he and your mother have left Eastcliff because your mother offended a very ancient and powerful mysterious organization. This organization has existed for at least three or four hundred years. Its strength and background , It is far beyond all the imagination that a person can develop about a mysterious organization.”

charlie was surprised, looked at Feng Zidong and asked him, “Uncle Feng, is the organization you are talking about called the Poqinghui?

” Qinghui?!” Feng Zidong was stunned for a moment, looking at charlie’s expression full of shock.

charlie nodded, and said truthfully, “To tell you the truth, I have some contact with the Poqing Society, but not much.”

Feng Zidong asked him in amazement, “How did you get in touch with the Poqing Society?”

charlie said frankly “It was a coincidence that I came into contact with the Po Qing Society. They wanted to assassinate my grandparents in the United States. I captured one of them as a prisoner, and followed that prisoner to find some clues related to the Po Qing Society.” Feng Zidong was amazed

. “Twenty years have passed, and the Poqing Society still hasn’t let go of your mother’s family?!”

charlie smiled wryly, “It’s more than just letting go, my third aunt, who has been married to my third uncle for nearly twenty years, But no one thought that she was a member of the Poqinghui.”

“What?!” Feng Zidong’s eyes widened, “Why did the Poqinghui hide in An’s house for twenty years… Your parents are gone, hiding in An’s house What does it mean to them?”


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  1. Dear all readers
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  2. a new story evolves from charlie’s parents………. brace yourself readers for a thousand more chapters……………..

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