The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5576

Feng Zidong’s question was also something that charlie couldn’t figure out.

He also didn’t understand why the Po Qinghui ( Benn ) invested so much energy in his grandmother’s family, even planting a bomb that was delayed for twenty years.

If it is said that they are greedy for Anjia’s money, this reason is also difficult to hold, because the wealth of the Qing Dynasty should be much stronger than that of Anjia, and they control so many dead soldiers, special envoys, and Jiedu envoys Even for the dark masters of the Huben camp, making money is simply the easiest thing for them, and there is no need to keep an eye on Anjia.

So this also means that they have other plans for Anjia.

But what charlie was most confused about was that he didn’t know what the intention was.

Therefore, charlie could only say to Feng Zidong, “About the intentions of the Poqing Association for An’s family, I actually didn’t understand it. It seems a little unreasonable to say that they are doing it for money; it seems that they are angry at An’s family because of my parents.” It’s not very tenable, after all, if they solve the An family’s plan, they definitely don’t need to wait so long with their strength.” “

You’re right.” Feng Zidong sighed, and said, “Perhaps, breaking the clear Maybe they want to get something special from Anjia.”

charlie shook his head, “I can’t think of anything they would be interested in from Anjia. It’s not surprising, and there are no warriors in the immediate family of An’s family, and it is impossible to have any exercises or elixir.”

Feng Zidong nodded in agreement, and said, “This matter, I am afraid that only the high-level members of the Po Qinghui ( Benn ) can do it.” I’ll know.”

charlie asked curiously, “Uncle Feng, what information did my dad disclose to you before the accident?”

Feng Zidong said, “In the email your dad sent me before the accident, apart from mentioning the meeting to break the Qing Dynasty , and told me that my parents are most likely in the PoQinghui ( Benn ), and he said that there is an existence in the PoQinghui ( Benn ) that specializes in cultivating masters in the dark realm.” charlie spit out three words, “Hu Benying!” Feng Zidong’s expression became even


serious “You also know Huben Camp?”

charlie said lightly, “Only eight-star fighters have the opportunity to join the Huben camp. As long as they join the Huben camp, they will become masters of the dark realm within ten years. Am I right?” “Yes…” Feng Zidong nodded and looked at Ye

Charlie “It seems that your understanding of the PoQinghui ( Benn ) is almost the same as mine. My understanding of the PoQinghui ( Benn ) is as high as the Huben Camp.” charlie asked curiously, “

Uncle Feng, I’m curious, how do you know these things?” Did you get in touch with your parents?”

Feng Zidong said, “Yes, my parents are in the Qinghui ( Benn ), and they are both in the Huben camp!”


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