The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5577

charlie had vaguely guessed that this would be the case, so he couldn’t help sighing, “Look Come on, all fighters in the world cannot escape the temptation to become a master of the dark realm…”

After finishing speaking, he asked Feng Zidong, “Uncle Feng, did my dad tell you?”

Feng Zidong nodded and said, “Your dad knows about the existence of the Huben Camp. He mentioned in the email to me that someone saw a male warrior named Feng and a female warrior named Xu, and they were husband and wife, which coincided with my parents’ surnames, so he It is speculated that these two people should be my parents.”

After speaking, Feng Zidong said again, “It is precisely because of this that I decided to change my career to be a host, and hope that my parents will pay attention to me one day, and then get in touch with me.”

charlie hurriedly asked, “Did you succeed?”

“Successful.” Feng Zidong nodded, and said, “About ten years ago, I established contact with my parents.

” The internal structure is extremely strict, and the management is also extremely strict. How did you get in touch with your parents?”

Feng Zidong smiled slightly and explained, “I have to brag about myself when I was young. Very clever, I once played a game with my father, the two of us often used different rules to make up codes, and then hide the codes in a certain text, and then give them to the other party to decipher; “

“In the beginning, my father would always let me make the rules very simple. For example, at the beginning, I used the acrostic mode, and used the first word of each sentence as the hidden content. In this mode, the password is 1 ;”

“If the second word of each sentence is used as the hidden content, then the password of this mode is 2;” “

But this kind of difficulty is basically equal to no for me, so he gradually upgraded his password, From 1212, it has changed to 1234 or 4321;”

“If it is 1234, it means, take the first character of the first sentence, the second character of the second sentence, the third character of the third sentence and The fourth word of the fourth sentence, because the password has only four digits, so starting from the fifth sentence, it should be regarded as the first sentence of the next cycle, and then repeat 1234 until all hidden words Find them all, and piece them together to tell the other party; “”

But then I found out that this pattern is also easy for my dad to guess, so I upgraded it to my birthday, May 13th, so the password is It became 513, but even so, my dad can still guess it after spending some time; “”

So, I realized at that time that if you use your own birthday or the birthday of your relatives as a password, it is actually very easy for others to guess. Cracked;”

“So, later I thought of a new encryption method, which is to use my birthday and add 1234 as the password;” “

I was born on May 13, so the basic password is 0513, add the four numbers respectively If I go to 1234, it becomes 1747. Therefore, 1747 is the password to crack my text. Later, my father could not decipher my password, so I told him how to upgrade my password. “


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