The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5578

Speaking of which, Feng Zidong said again, “Ten years ago, blogging was popular at that time, and I was a celebrity, so the number of views of my blog was also very high, so I often published some articles and essays on the blog, but every time I In this article, the password of 1747 will be used to add the ten words ‘I miss you very much, please contact me’. I believe that except for my father, no one else in this world can understand it. “

charlie couldn’t help giving a thumbs up, “You and your father have a secret way of communicating, and you are a well-known celebrity, if your father is still alive and has the opportunity to browse the Internet, he will definitely pay attention to your movements, So I will definitely see your blog, and naturally I will also be able to see the content you left. This method is really clever!

Feng Zidong smiled modestly and said, “It doesn’t matter if you are high or not, usefulness is the most important thing. ” “

Speaking, Feng Zidong said again, “Ten years ago, on May 13th, which was my birthday, I received a private message from a stranger. The content of the private message was very ordinary. I like the text of my blog very much, I think I am a very talented person, and I hope I can continue to work hard;” “I

receive dozens or even hundreds of private messages of this kind almost every day, but the difference of this private message is that, If you put the password of 1747 into it, you can get just six characters. We miss you very much too. “

At this moment, charlie couldn’t help feeling a little excited.

He asked Feng Zidong, “How did your parents bypass the monitoring of the PoQinghui ( Benn ) and contact you?”

Feng Zidong explained, “According to my father, when he was in Huben Camp, although his aptitude was only the worst, but because of his Being a human being, he has won the trust of the head of the Huben camp, and during his ten years in the Huben camp, he and my mother gave birth to a son and a daughter, so in the eyes of Po Qinghui ( Benn ), the overall stability is stronger Quite a few;”

“Later, the Qing Dynasty sent them to Saudi in the Middle East. On the surface, they were a couple who ran a Chinese restaurant in Saudi. In fact, the Qing Dynasty sent them to Saudi to monitor the royal family of Saudi and Once the secret whistle of other forces is clear, there will be orders, and they must execute them immediately.”

charlie exclaimed, “Can you still have children in Huben Camp?”

“Yes!” Feng Zidong nodded, and said, “This is what my father realized by himself. No one has a child in the Huben camp. My parents are the first couple in history. My father thinks that as long as he has a child in the Huben camp, he can prove with practical actions that he and my mother The relationship between the two is very deep, and they are each other’s fetters and weaknesses. Their willingness to have children under the control of the Poqing Society can also prove that they have enough recognition for the Poqing Society itself, and after the child is born, the In the eyes of the Huihui, they are equal to the protons of ancient times, so the PoQinghui ( Benn ) will trust them even more.”

After speaking, Feng Zidong said again, “It is precisely because of this that my parents can have the opportunity to be sent abroad, and they can really be accepted. The expatriates are all trusted by the Poqing Society, because the Poqing Society will give them as much freedom as possible in order not to reveal their identities.” charlie suddenly realized, and sighed, “So,


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