The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5579

my third aunt , should also be deeply trusted by the Poqing Society.”

Feng Zidong nodded and said, “Maybe it was the Poqing Society that cultivated it from an early age, and my two younger brothers and sisters who have never met have been isolated and cultivated by the Poqing Society.”

charlie asked, “What is isolated culture?”

Feng Zidong explained, “It is to isolate the children from their parents, the parents are sent abroad, and the children stay in the Poqing Society to train them until they become adults, but the Poqing Society may also send the children to the secular world early to pack their identities in case they are needed. “

Speaking of this, Feng Zidong asked charlie, “You said your third aunt was a member of the Qing Society. How did she and your third uncle meet?

” Sister.”

Feng Zidong nodded and said, “It is very likely that in order to get rid of your third uncle, the Poqing Council arranged more than a dozen girls of different identities, different backgrounds, and even different races around your third uncle at the same time. Which one does your third uncle like?” Who is it, they can do this kind of thing.”

charlie was slightly taken aback, but soon returned to normal.

At first glance, what Feng Zidong said might sound like mobilizing people, but in fact, this is the surest way.

At that time, there was only the third uncle in the An family who was still unmarried. If the Qing Dynasty Society wanted to plant a bomb inside the An family, the third uncle was the best breakthrough point and the only chance.

If only the third aunt is sent, in case she fails, this line will not be able to advance.

The best way is to arrange a lot of girls of all kinds, and they are all very good and innocent women, so that these women will appear next to the third uncle one after another. As long as one of them succeeds, the task will be successfully completed.

charlie was amazed at how clever he was, and asked Feng Zidong, “Uncle Feng, are your parents still in Saudi?” “

Yes.” Feng Zidong nodded, “They have always been there, and they have always been able to complete the breaking The tasks assigned to them by the Qinghui ( Benn ), so they have always been trusted.”

Feng Zidong said, “And my father never thought about leaving the Qinghui ( Benn ), he just saw my news and wanted to get in touch with me. Besides, he didn’t do anything to be sorry for the Poqing Society, so he’s been safe all the time.”

charlie asked him, “Your father doesn’t want to leave the Poqing Society, is he a die-hard loyalist of the Poqing Society, or is he forced to leave the Poqing Society? Forced by the poison of the society?”

Feng Zidong said, “It’s mainly the poison and my younger brothers and sisters. There is still no solution to the poison. As long as you leave the Poqing Society and don’t get the supply of antidote, you will definitely die within half a month. Moreover, according to the Poqing Society’s consistent Routine, as long as my parents betray the Poqing Society, my younger brother and sister will be executed immediately by the Poqing Society, so even if they want to leave the Poqing Society, they have no way to do so.” charlie nodded and asked again, “

Then Have you and your parents met in the past ten years?”


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