The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5584

He felt that although mastering aura would improve his strength qualitatively, it was not to the point of being invincible and indestructible, so the four Earls were not truly invincible.

Moreover, charlie firmly believes that in terms of lethality, no matter how powerful a master is, he can’t match modern hot weapons.

Martial arts masters can block ordinary bullets, but absolutely can’t block artillery shells, while conventional missiles or rockets can defy everything within a killing range of hundreds or even thousands of meters. Once sent over, it is guaranteed to be reduced to ashes.

Therefore, as long as the method is appropriate, ordinary people may not be unable to fight against it.

So, he took out his mobile phone and called the Abbas Army in Syria.

When the phone was connected, Abbas said respectfully, “Mr. Wade, what instructions do you have?”

charlie asked him, “Abbas, can you get the best life detection system, including but not limited to military-grade life detection radar, Infrared and thermal imaging equipment?”

Abbas said, “Mr. Wade, infrared detection equipment and thermal imaging equipment are standard equipment for all special soldiers in Wanlongdian. As for the life detection system, this is relatively general. I don’t know. I understand your general needs too well.”

charlie explained, “I don’t know much about military affairs, but I want you to help me realize a function.”

Abbas immediately said, “Mr. Wade, tell me, my subordinates will remember it first. “

charlie said, “First of all, I need a kind of equipment that can cover the entire base of your Bandung store, or cover the copper mine we won in Cyprus. This equipment can detect 24 hours a day, and the entire coverage In other words, I don’t care what kind of principle he uses, whether it’s infrared, thermal imaging, or other life detection logic, what I need is that once a stranger enters his Within the scope of the policy, he can respond immediately and mark the opponent’s location in real time!”

Abbas said, “Return to Mr. Wade, I don’t know if there is such a complete solution at present, but I can find a way to find out Take a moment.”

charlie hummed, and said again, “My second request is that you must find a way to get me a few close-in defense guns, and combine these close-in defense guns with the system I just mentioned , That is to say, once I find a stranger sneaking in, I will use a close-in anti-aircraft gun to lock him firmly. Once he has a problem, I will chase him to death! It should be like a close-in anti-aircraft defense against missiles, one second Fired hundreds of shells, achieving all-round firepower coverage!”

Abbas exclaimed, “Mr. Wade… I dare to remind you… the close-in anti-aircraft gun is not a machine gun….It is a machine gun, and it is a machine gun with a very high rate of fire. You can understand it as a super-sized Gatling machine gun that is tens or hundreds of times more powerful.


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