The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5585

It is used on warships to shoot missiles, or land The big killer weapon used to fight fighter jets, if you use this thing to hit people, it will blow people up in one shot, will it be too talented and useless?

charlie said seriously, ” No!” I have a lack of firepower phobia! So be sure to set aside sufficient wealth in terms of firepower! Even if a single shot from the near-anti-aircraft gun can blow people up, you still have to fire hundreds or even thousands of shells in one go! Please remember one thing, as long as our target, after being greeted by this system, there is still a fragment weighing more than 50 grams, that is your negligence of Abbas! “

charlie once witnessed how martial arts masters were slaughtered by modern weapons in New York. Although these masters are very powerful, when the bullets are shot like raindrops, they can’t resist for a few seconds. So

, If the defensive weapon is replaced with a close-range gun, even someone stronger than himself will undoubtedly die! Moreover

, charlie himself knows very well that if he needs to assassinate a certain martial arts master, he can also hide his breath , not to be noticed by any martial arts master, but that is only limited to hiding the senses of martial arts masters. If you don’t talk about martial arts directly and use high-tech equipment as a warning, you can’t hide the technology yourself. Just like the thermal imaging system, as long as it

is Things that emit heat, whether they are people or objects, cannot escape its detection. If they hide in a sufficiently thick bunker, there is a chance of not being discovered, but once they want to actively sneak in, it is impossible to wrap the bunker around their body At that time, even masters who master aura will definitely be discovered.

Therefore, charlie intends to let the Wanpo Army prepare a set of such big killers in Syria and Cyprus, in case some short-sighted earl finds him , can blow it into ashes!

Abbas didn’t know who charlie was going to deal with, but he knew that there must be a hidden enemy after hearing what charlie said, so he quickly asked him, “Mr. Wade, is something wrong?” ? “

charlie didn’t hide it from him, and said, “I heard a news through a special channel that the top four masters of the Poqing Society have all come out of the mountain now. They may not be inferior to me in strength, although I don’t know if they will come to us now, but it’s always good to be prepared in advance.”

Abbas thought for a while and replied, “Mr. Although the subordinates cannot buy the most advanced close-in defense guns in the world today, many ak630 and 30mm close-in defense guns from the former Soviet Union have flowed into the international arms market. Although the prices are extremely high, with the current capital reserves of Wanlongdian It’s easy to buy a few sets, and it’s not a big problem to install them in the base in Syria, but Cyprus will be very troublesome. After all, it is a sovereign country. Once we use this kind of equipment in Cyprus, I’m afraid the Cyprus official will immediately Intervene, I’m afraid it will be a little troublesome.”

charlie said, “You don’t have to think about it, because this defense system is our last line of defense. Once a top expert kills, if you don’t fight back, everyone in the copper mine, There is only one dead end, and no one can escape! Therefore, once the opponent finds us, we must shoot the opponent’s masters as soon as possible, and then blow up the copper mine in Cyprus. Everyone retreats to Syria overnight. In this way, not only will Poqing lose a general, but it will also cut off all clues and make them unable to attack!”


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  1. Oh yes
    Charlie will plan
    For defence first n then …He will find a way to attack..
    Good will overcome evil
    Down with Poquin organizations and their evil methods of controlling ppl.
    Who knows ..may be Charlie parents old house has some hidden treasures…
    This is like a harry potter …
    Lets go Charlie and his friends

  2. Time to invent another weapon
    More advance version then the soul piercing blade
    See if he can get a body amour ?
    Am more sure that there is a real mystery in the ring
    Similar to king author sword???
    The ring has to have a missing piece that bring up the real power
    Which alone can kill the master of the poquin organization

  3. It the 1st time that Charlie is worried.
    Only Wañ’er can tell the power of the ring.
    Looks like it’s the saviour.
    More chapters please and thank you.

  4. Thanks for these five chapters of the amazing son in law. Please send more chapters beginning with 5586. Thanks 😊

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