The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5587

charlie immediately found out the key point from his words, and blurted out, “Abbas, the only possible clue to the whole plan is the near-anti-aircraft gun! Even if we can destroy the entire copper mine, it will not The clues related to several anti-aircraft guns may disappear. Once the anti-aircraft guns are fired, we must retreat quickly. I am afraid that there is not enough time to withdraw the anti-aircraft guns. Moreover, even if there is time to withdraw the anti-aircraft guns Yes, hundreds of shells are fired in a second, and it is impossible to clean up the fragments of those shells, so if the Poqing Council checks later, they will definitely find out that their earl died of close-in defense guns, and then they will go to Global Arms If you look for relevant clues on the near-anti-aircraft transaction in the trading market, you may be able to find Wanlongdian!”

Abbas couldn’t help smacking his lips and said, “Mr. Wade, what you said is very reasonable. We don’t have such a thing as a close-in anti-aircraft gun. As far as I know, Commander hunter Hamid doesn’t have such a powerful weapon. There is no other way to buy it from the arms market; “”

And this kind of thing is usually only sold by Russians or arms dealers in the former Soviet member states in Eastern Europe. We have to inquire layer by layer, so we want to steal a few Or it is not realistic to grab a few units, and it is not realistic to kill them after buying them. Once a fish slips through the net, the whole thing will be exposed. By then, the near-anti-aircraft guns may not be installed, and we have already been hurt by global arms dealers. I scolded…”

charlie frowned, pondered for a long time, and suddenly thought of a way, and blurted out, “There is a way!”

Abbas hurriedly asked, “Mr. Wade, what good way do you have?

” In the Dragon Palace, find a few members of American nationality and make them change their faces. Qiao Zhuang became a member of the American Blackwater Company to find the seller of the near-anti-aircraft gun. For the transaction, it is said that this batch of equipment is to be transported to the Middle East to help the United States fight the war, it is more sensitive, and then the transaction is low-key.”

Abbas blurted out, “Good way! Put the blame on Milia Side and let Poqinghui go to Milia Side to investigate , not only can divert their attention, but also bring a lot of trouble to Milia Side! Damn, we Wanlongdian and Milia Side Company have never dealt with it. They rely on the support of the United States, and they often trip us up , and the hands are very dirty, although it is not honorable for us to do this, it is also an excellent opportunity to weaken them!”

charlie asked him, “Does Wanlong Palace have gold reserves?”

“Yes.” Abbas said without hesitation “We have about a ton and a half of gold reserves, which should be around one billion U.S. dollars.

” Absolutely no cash, let alone cash!”

“Okay!” Abbas immediately said, “Don’t worry, Mr. Wade, I understand! At that time, all transactions will be made in gold, and I will ask someone to remelt the gold in advance. At that time, we will start from the gold, and we will definitely not find any clues.”

charlie said, “Since you want to play a show, you must do a full set. You first find a way to investigate how many men Milia Side has in the Middle East, and then find a way to quietly capture two or three of them, and then hide these two or three people. Then you select the subordinates who are most similar to them in stature and age from the Hall of Thousand Dragons, and let them disguise themselves as the people of the Blackwater Company, take their documents and pretend to be their identities to go to Eastern Europe to discuss business, and directly give the The water is a scapegoat!”

Abbas said without hesitation, “Mr. Wade, what you said is simple! Blackwater Company also has many mercenaries in Syria. Recently, they are busy helping the US military transport the oil extracted from Syria. I personally Go out and tie up a few people easily!”

charlie immediately said, “Okay! It’s not too late, you go to do this today! Then implement the near-anti-aircraft as soon as possible. Choose two to three commanding heights that cover each other. On the selected commanding heights, build a glass room with one-way glass, and place the near-anti-aircraft gun in the glass room to ensure that you are always in a state of combat readiness.


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