The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5588

 Once the near-anti-aircraft gun locks on the enemy, directly Fire me through the glass!”

As he spoke, charlie muttered to himself, “The ammunition for close-in anti-aircraft guns is on the black market. I’m afraid it will cost a thousand dollars a round. Three cannons are prepared, one cannon per second.” If the clock hits 100 rounds, it’s only 300,000 U.S. dollars per second, it doesn’t matter! When the time comes, beat me to death!”

Hearing charlie’s instructions, Abbas said without hesitation, “Mr. Wade, don’t worry, my subordinates will do their best to prepare the layout before the other party comes. When the time comes, my subordinates will personally go to the copper mine to sit in charge and make sure that he does not come back! “

“Okay!” charlie said, “By the way, abbas, I have one more thing. Since the plan to overthrow the nest is already on the line, I suggest that it is better to start the evacuation of personnel in advance.” Then, charlie said, “Once the other party suspects this

base If there is a problem, or if you want to come to this base to look for clues, you will only make an entry point from the ground, and we will not act with him. We will open fire and kill him immediately, so there is no need for the underground dead soldiers and their families Continue to stay underground;”

“I suggest that you prepare a freighter now, and evacuate all the dead men and their families to the ship in the evening, so that the guards and their families on the ground are also ready to evacuate at any time, just like Like the earthquake drill, first arrange the details of the evacuation; “”

For example, once the evacuation starts, who is responsible for covering the family members, who is responsible for counting the number of people, who is responsible for the transfer of important materials, and who is responsible for the final comprehensive blasting. For the transshipment pressure at the beginning of the nest plan, if only the ground personnel are kept, they can devote their energy to dismantle the near-defense guns and take them away in time, after all, your base in Syria will also be used.” “No problem!” 

Abbas immediately said, “My subordinates will first tie up the person in Milia Side, and then go to the copper mine. Make a good plan with my master, and ask him to start preparing immediately!

” Don’t kidnap someone from Syria, after all, you are in Syria now, if you kidnap someone, you may be suspected.”

Abbas blurted out, “Then my subordinates will go to Iraq and tie them up. Anyway, the US military never The oil extracted in Syria has to be transported from Syria to Iraq, and I tied it up from Iraq and quietly brought it back to Syria.”

charlie smiled and said, “Okay! Let’s do it like this!”

At this moment.

The suburbs of Bergen, Nordic.

The farm where Lin Wan’er (Alani) lived at the beginning has been tightly sealed off by the police.

On the farm, the wooden structure of the villa has been burned down to only one frame, but even so, there are still multiple police cordons around it.

At the beginning, the police found many charred bodies here, and most of them died from gunshot wounds. This was listed as a rare major criminal case in Northern Europe in recent years, and the Nordic police have been racking their brains to investigate, but No clues have been found.

Right now, all the corpses at the scene have been taken away for disposal, and useful physical evidence and clues have also been extracted. What is left is only the ruins where people died.


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