The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5774

charlie smiled slightly, took two jade wrench fingers and a piece of lightning strike wood, and said to Zhang Ermao. Er Mao said, “Wait for me first.”

Immediately, charlie came to the inner room, and in the two jade ring fingers, he used spiritual energy to lay out a very simple protective formation, and in the lightning strike wood, used Lingqi laid down a simple thunderbolt formation.

In this way, these two jade wrench fingers have become two simple protective rings, which can protect the wearer from a small disaster, and the lightning strike wood has also become a ring that can only be used once and will break and shatter. The Thunderbolt.

After finishing these, he went back to the living room from the room, handed two finger pullers and a thunderbolt to Zhang Ermao, and told Zhang Ermao, “You take these three things first, and make them as if you just made them It’s the same as the one dug out of the soil.”

Zhang Ermao immediately said, “Okay, Master Charlie, I’ll deal with it for you as soon as I get back! Will I send it back to you after I’ve dealt with it?” “

No need.” charlie said lightly, “Go to Antique Street , Find two smart street vendors who can afford to eat, give them a ring and let them wear it on their hands, and then one will go to the arrival hall of the airport, and the other will go to the exit of the high-speed rail station. Hold the sign and wait to pick up people. As for who to pick up, it doesn’t matter, you can just write their personal names.” “Uh…”

Zhang Ermao looked surprised, “Master Charlie, who are you going to pick up? Just write your personal names casually, I guess Can’t pick up anyone?”

charlie said lightly, “I don’t want to pick up people, I want to wait for them!”

After that, charlie said very seriously, “Zhang Ermao, what I’m going to tell you next, you have to wait for someone!” Listen carefully! If this matter is done well, I, charlie, will promise you glory and wealth in the future!” When Zhang Ermao

heard this, he immediately sat up straight excitedly, and respectfully said, “Master Charlie, just give orders! Ermao Must go all out!”

charlie nodded, and said word by word, “You pay a high price to make the two of them wait from the moment the airport and high-speed rail station opens every day until they close, and wait until someone asks the origin of the jade wrench in their hands. Let the two of them clearly say that they bought it from you, and tell them that if the other party asks them to buy it at a high price, let them ask for it at 100 times the actual market value, and don’t sell anything less.”

Although Zhang Ermao was confused, he still understood charlie’s request, and quickly said, “Master Charlie, don’t worry, I will do it!”

charlie nodded in satisfaction, and handed the Thunderbolt Talisman to Zhang Ermao, Using a bit of aura, he told him with psychological hints, “Keep this thing for yourself, take it back to your antique street, and continue to operate your antique stall, but you must remember, you must put it In the most conspicuous position of your booth, no matter who comes to ask for the price, you will ask for five million yuan, not a penny less. If someone asks you where the Thunderbolt Talisman came from, you just tell him it was a while ago It was just dug out of a living pit, when someone asks you, you must firmly believe in your heart that these three things were all dug out of a living pit, understand?” Zhang

Ermao His eyes froze, and he nodded heavily, “Understood!”

charlie could see that the psychological suggestion had already taken effect on Zhang Ermao.

So, he said to Zhang Ermao, “If someone buys this lightning strike wood, you tell me immediately; if someone steals it, you tell me immediately.” Zhang Ermao immediately said respectfully,

” Alright, Master Charlie! I’ll do it now, little one!”

charlie sent Zhang Ermao out of the villa, with a confident smile on the corner of his mouth.


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