The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5777

If other entrepreneurs in Aurous Hill heard that An’s family came to visit, they would be ecstatic, but Jasmine moore unconsciously became worried.

She had received a reminder from charlie a long time ago, knowing that the An family was looking for clues to charlie in Aurous Hill. Which one of these two will eventually point to charlie.

So, she said to the assistant, “Don’t rush to reply to this matter, let’s talk about it after I’m done.” The

assistant didn’t know, so she quickly reminded, “Mr. moore, that’s from the An family…” “

I know.” Jasmine moore nodded Nodding his head, he said lightly, “That’s when I finish my work.”

The assistant had no choice but to respectfully say, “Okay Mr. moore, then I won’t reply to them, and wait for your message.”

Jasmine moore waved her hand and asked, “You tell them the exact words, just say that I’m busy now, and let them wait for my news.” “

Uh… okay…” The assistant didn’t know why Jasmine moore, who had always been very low-key, didn’t give me a message. The An family lost face, so she had no choice but to return the original words to Asher according to her request.

Asher had visited Jasmine moore long after the Huichun Pill auction was over, but that time, Jasmine moore did not disclose any information related to Huichun Pill to him.

However, in Asher’s view, today is not what it used to be.

At the beginning, I was all thinking about Huichun Pill, but in the end, Huichun Pill was not photographed, and I even touched the owner of Huichun Pill. However, after the mysterious benefactor rescued the entire An family in New York, Asher felt that Ruo Engong and Huichun Pill If the owner is really the same person, then maybe he will change his attitude towards Anjia because of what happened in New York.

But he didn’t expect that his own idea would be a little frustrated with Jasmine moore.

After Jasmine moore asked her assistant to reject Asher, she immediately suspended the meeting, went back to the meeting room and called charlie, and said respectfully on the phone, “Master wade, your uncle called again, saying that he wanted to visit the Moore Group. Do you think it is necessary for me to meet with him?”

charlie said, “It is not impossible to meet, but if they ask about me, you can tell them that I have left Aurous Hill since the last auction. As for where you went, you don’t know.”

Jasmine moore hurriedly said, “Master wade, if you don’t want to reveal any clues for the time being, jasmine still won’t meet your uncle. , if there is any expression management that is not done well, he will find out.”

charlie smiled and said, “Wanting, are you stupid? My uncle is also the young master of the An family. When he sees you this time, he will definitely Prepare enough sincerity, maybe it will bring a new space for the Song family to develop, you must not miss this good opportunity.”

Jasmine moore said seriously, “Master wade, I am afraid of delaying your business, so I still want to keep it with the An family. A certain distance…”

charlie smiled and said, “You don’t have to think about it. After you meet my uncle, just ask him all the questions. Even if he knows what you are hiding, he will never dare to force you to tell the truth. Besides, no matter what you do Not to mention, the benefits he has prepared for you will definitely be given to you first.”


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