The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5786

On the phone, Jasmine moore reported what Asher just mentioned to charlie in detail, and after listening to charlie, he couldn’t help laughing and said, “It seems that my uncle is really sincere. If Song If these two cooperations between the Moore Group and Anjia can be implemented, the market value of the Moore Group may double or even more in the next year.” Then, charlie said, “In

addition, my uncle’s discussion about Aurous Hill Kangyang The idea of ​​development almost coincides with my previous plan. With my current ability, if I want to help Aurous Hill increase its international influence and attract more capital, the best way is indeed the health care and medical care. line, if it is operated well, maybe it will take a few years to make Aurous Hill the fifth first-tier city in China.”

Speaking of this, charlie sighed softly, and said, “However, this plan may not go so smoothly, and to advance so quickly, at least I will have to wait for some hidden dangers at hand to be resolved, but this is also an advance plan.” It’s a good opportunity for layout. Anjia’s capital operation is high-level and the layout is also large. Wanting, you will benefit a lot from cooperating with them. Don’t miss such a good opportunity.” Jasmine moore said a little nervously, “Master Wade…

you The conditions offered by my uncle are really too generous. To put it bluntly, these two cooperation projects are completely giving money to the Moore Group, and not only the money but also Anjia’s popularity and influence… Wan Ting really deserves it…”

charlie said with a smile, “Jasmine, you don’t need to have such a psychological burden. The two conditions that An’s family gave you are not simply giving you money;” “Since they want

to For the development of Aurous Hill and the establishment of an Asian headquarters in Aurous Hill, it is necessary to spend money on large-scale construction projects. Moreover, it is unrealistic for you to ask them to bring a team from the United States to construct such a large project, so he still has to cooperate with local companies. He contributes money and you work hard, and you earn his money, isn’t that justified?” “

As for the health care project he mentioned, you don’t have to have any psychological burden. The reason why he wants to cooperate with the Moore Group is that And give the Moore Group 10The purpose of the shares is to get me through the Moore Group. To put it bluntly, if I don’t come up with the Rejuvenation Pill, this project will be just talk on paper. If this project wants to make money and make a lot of money, it must have my cooperation. Therefore, it is reasonable to sell more benefits. “

Jasmine moore was silent for a moment, and still said with some entanglement, “Master Wade… This… Is this appropriate…”

charlie smiled and said, “There is nothing inappropriate. The current market value and profit of the Moore Group are still relatively low among domestic private enterprises.” If you don’t rank in the top 50, if you want the Moore Group to stand out from so many private enterprises, this time is the best opportunity

; The advantage of this is that it is also helping An’s family to build a bridge. Only if you have a good relationship with An’s family, can I establish contact with An’s family through you in the future without revealing my identity;” “To take a step back, my grandfather has always been in poor

health , in case he is seriously ill one day and needs pills, and it is not convenient for me to come forward, it is most suitable for you to come forward to deliver the medicines for me, so no matter what, you cannot refuse An Jia’s proposal. “

Hearing this, Jasmine moore’s entangled heart finally became firm, and she said without thinking, “Okay, Master Wade, then I’ll give your uncle a message. “

charlie smiled slightly and said, “There is no need to be so anxious. My uncle is such a smart person. The reason why he didn’t ask you to give him an answer immediately is because he knew that you would definitely ask me for advice. If you reply now He, then he will only feel that you can establish contact with me anytime and anywhere, which will make him feel that we are very familiar with each other, and even make him feel that I am even in the same time zone as you, you’d better hang out with him first I will reply to him later. “

Jasmine moore came back to her senses, and quickly said, “Okay, Master Wade, Jasmine understands!” “


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