The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5799

Hearing Riggs’s eagerness to express his sincerity, Willie nodded and smiled in satisfaction, everything was indeed developing in the direction he had calculated.

As far as Willie himself is concerned, he has never been a good person.

Except for the fact that he worked hard in front of the British Lord, he couldn’t even reach the most basic moral bottom line of ‘talking about what he says’ for other people.

In fact, when he first arrived in Eastcliff, he thought about using the contacts and resources of Changyun Temple to help him find Lin Wan’er (Alani) whereabouts.

However, after thinking about it again and again, he still felt that it was not worth exposing his true identity just to take advantage of Changyun Temple.

Not to mention whether Changyun Temple can help me find clues about Lin Wan’er, at least, a Taoist priest who was born in the 19th century and practiced Taoism in Changyun Temple for decades is still alive. Bring yourself some unnecessary trouble.

It is precisely because of this that he never came to Changyun Temple.

However, the current situation is already a bit urgent for Willie.

On the one hand, the British lord has ordered the entire Chaqing Society to go dormant for a while, and maybe he will let him go back soon. The chances left for him to find Lin Wan’er are running out. Moreover, although the four Earls have a high status in the Chaqing Society, But he does not enjoy absolute freedom. The fact that he was able to come out for so long this time is entirely due to the Lord’s eagerness to catch Lin Wan’er, but the situation has suddenly changed now, and Uncle Nakul died for no apparent reason. Maybe one day the Lord will say a word, and he must go back. Return to life;

On the other hand, the British Lord still wants to find out the whereabouts of bruce Wade’s son. I can no longer delay this matter, and I will leave for Aurous Hill in the near future , so to find Lin Wan’er, she can only prostitute Baiyunguan for nothing.

Although this would definitely reveal the fact that he was over a hundred and fifty years old, if he could find Lin Wan’er, he would be victorious and return triumphantly, and he would never come to Huaxia again.

Riggs doesn’t know what his uncle’s plan is.

He only knows that his uncle has lived for nearly one hundred and sixty years, and now he is willing to pass on the way of longevity to himself, and all he needs to do is to accept a nomination certificate.

For him, there was absolutely no reason to refuse.

Seeing that the time was ripe, Williebo immediately said to him, “Riggs, you should work harder these few days, mobilize all the contacts you can, and help me investigate the clues I want. I’m going south. Do you have any clues?” Message, contact me at any time!”

Riggs knelt on the ground, and said respectfully, “Master, don’t worry, Riggs will definitely go all out!”

Willie nodded, gave him Lin Wan’er (Alani) photo, and said, “Find this The person in the photo, remember, the photo must not be leaked, let alone spread through the Internet. From now on, this photo can only be kept by you, let your people use this photo to see her clearly in front of you Do you understand?”

Willie  didn’t know how many contacts and contacts Lin Wan’er still had, although he was very old, he still had a certain understanding of the Internet, and he knew that once anything was on the Internet, it would definitely It is impossible to avoid being copied and disseminated. Once this photo spreads through the Internet, it is very likely that it will be seen by Lin Waner or her eyeliner.

Therefore, this photo was handed over to Riggs, and he had to guarantee that it would never be posted on the Internet.


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