The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 580

After Elaine gave up the idea of ​​buying cannons to celebrate, Wendy rushed to the police station and brought Christopher, Harold and the old lady Wilson out of the police station.

Tonight, when Wendy was having a meeting at the company, she received news that her mother had an accident, so she drove a company car and hurried home, but before she got home, the police called her and asked She went to the police station to get someone.

So she hurried to the police station again, and after going through the formalities, she picked up her father, brother and grandma.

On the way back, Wendy was driving, the old lady was sitting in the co-driver, Christopher and Harold were slumped in the back seat, bound by seat belts.

In the car, the old lady Wilson kept crying, muttering, “The Willson family is over…it’s over…”

Harold also had tears in his eyes, and gritted his teeth and scolded, “That stinky bitch Elaine really deserves to die. Our family has been harmed by her! The whole family’s chance to stand up has also been ruined by her!”

Christopher also gritted his teeth, and said coldly, “When I recover, I will definitely find a chance to destroy Elaine! If I don’t take revenge, I, Christopher, will swear

that I will not be a human being!” Harold said without hesitation, “Dad! Count me in then! I want her life!”

“Enough!” Wendy, who was driving, suddenly stopped the car on the side of the road , After yelling angrily, he reprimanded, “You don’t have a long memory, do you? Forgot how you were paralyzed? How dare you go to trouble your second aunt?” The father and son froze immediately after hearing this


The reason why they were paralyzed was because they wanted to find an opportunity to take revenge on Elaine, but unexpectedly, Cynthia Wade was also tied up in the beauty salon by mistake, and they ended up with their hands and feet amputated.

Harold recalled back then, although he still had lingering fears in his heart, he still murmured a little dissatisfied, “Anyway, I can’t swallow this breath! Originally, our family could become a billionaire! Maybe it will be worth billions in a few years! But let If Elaine does this, it’s all fucked up! How can I be reconciled to you!”

Wendy said very seriously, “Brother, don’t daydream here! I have already said that the live broadcast that Mom made is a thunderbolt, and it will explode sooner or later! And the later it explodes, the more powerful it will be! Do you know why you and dad can come out today? It’s because the thunderstorm was early! And you are really paralyzed in bed! If you pretend to be terminally ill like what mom said in the video, then mom will Sentence, you two must go in too! At that time, when people go to prison, all the money they earn will be confiscated!”

Harold said indignantly, “There are too many people selling miserables and live broadcasting goods. I didn’t see who was arrested.”

Wendy said angrily, “Mom, isn’t she arrested now?! Do you still want to wait for yourself to be arrested?”

Harold said angrily, “Weiwei… I am your brother! You What are you doing so desperately against me…”

Wendy said in a very dissatisfied tone, “Brother, if you are still so useless in the future, then I don’t care about you!

” No one is good, so I will move out from home tomorrow, and no one will care about it from now on!”

Christopher hurriedly said, “Weiwei, don’t be angry, your brother is not good enough, it’s not a day or two, don’t be as knowledgeable as him…”

Wendy Sighing, he said angrily, “Dad, I have persuaded Mom a long time ago, don’t use such crooked brains for money! When you targeted Second Aunt, the end was already miserable enough, don’t make the same mistakes again, But she just didn’t listen! I told you at the time that my income is getting better and better. You and my brother have not been able to get good treatment before, which has been delayed a lot, but I have some money now, and I can send it to you. You go to the hospital for proper treatment and recovery, but Mom just wants to keep you by her side to live broadcast the misfortune, and as a result, both of you have not recovered from your injuries, and she has tossed herself in…” Christopher also sighed incomparably


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