The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5802

Riggs nodded, and said, “Then please remember what I said!”

Into the night.

Willie sat cross-legged in his temporary residence.

He seemed to be meditating with his eyes closed, but he was actually thinking about when he would leave for Aurous Hill.

At this moment, a prompt popped up on his mobile phone, and it turned out that Master Ying was talking to him.

He immediately turned on the phone, entered the special software, and connected to the hero.

On the phone, Lord Ying’s cold voice came, “Uncle Willie, I asked you to go to Aurous Hill to find the whereabouts of bruce Wade’s son, why haven’t you left yet?” Willie  quickly explained, “Master Ying, there are

some Thoughts, I want to boldly report to you!”

The Lord Ying said coldly, “Say it!”

Willie said respectfully, “My Lord, my subordinates have always felt that Lin Waner is probably in Eastcliff, so I have been looking for it in Eastcliff for the past two days. As for her clues, as for Aurous Hill, my subordinates feel that, as you said, the life and death of bruce Wade’s son has been unknown for twenty years. If he has been in Aurous Hill for such a long time, he will not look for Lin Wan’er for two more days just because of his subordinates. He just left, and if he had chosen an opportunity to leave Aurous Hill in the past twenty years, it would be difficult for his subordinates to find any clues about him when they went to Aurous Hill this time, so the subordinates felt that… the matter of bruce Wade’s son was not in a hurry, Right now, finding Lin Wan’er as soon as possible is the best choice to truly relieve the Lord’s worries!”

“You bastard!” It’s disobedience!”

Willie  hurriedly said, “My subordinates will die, please forgive me!”

The Lord said coldly, “I don’t have to care about you before, but from now on, if you Don’t blame me for being rude to you for obeying my orders!”

Willie said nervously, “Don’t worry, Lord, from now on, your subordinates will strictly carry out your orders!”

The Lord Ying said coldly, “Okay! I have another task for you to go to Aurous Hill this time!”

Willio blurted out, “Please tell the Lord clearly!”

The Lord Ying said, “I have received news that the An family has gone to Aurous Hill Yes! An Qishan, his wife, and their three sons and one daughter are all in Aurous Hill Wanliu Villa at this time. I suspect that they are also trying to find the whereabouts of bruce Wade’s son, so I want you to go to Aurous Hill and kill them all. , Not one left!”

Willie was horrified, “Anjia?! The Lord, there is a mysterious force behind the Anjia to help, and I don’t know if there is a risk of being exposed?” The

Lord snorted coldly, “What are you afraid of? There are masters, and that master’s strength can’t be greater than yours!”

Then, the British Lord said, “The reason why Uncle Nakul died is because the opponent ambushed him with close-in artillery, but in places like Aurous Hill, you don’t have to worry. It is absolutely impossible that someone has the ability to plant such a weapon in Aurous Hill! Then you just rush into the Anjia Wanliu Villa and start killing, absolutely no one can stop you!” Although Willie was a little uncertain in his heart, he also knew that

Ying What the lord said made some sense, so he asked, “My lord, when you arrive in Aurous Hill, should you kill An’s family first, or find bruce Wade’s son first?

” bruce Wade’s son is really still alive, if you kill the An family in Aurous Hill, you will definitely be able to force him to show up!”


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  2. Linda Edwards

    Thanks for these four chapters of the amazing son in law. Please send more chapters beginning with 5803. Thanks 😊

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