The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5803

At this time, it was already nightfall in Aurous Hill.

Elaine finished dinner and was calling charlie and Claire to the table. At the same time, she couldn’t help complaining, “It’s already eight o’clock, why doesn’t Jacob, an old bastard, know? I don’t know where Lang went when I got home.

charlie said casually, “Mom, Dad is now the executive vice president of the Painting and Calligraphy Association. He must be busy at ordinary times, so please be considerate.” Ma

Lan said disdainfully, “I understand his shit. Don’t you know? Let him be the executive vice president, I think the people in charge of the Painting and Calligraphy Association are all blind.”

Just as he was talking, Jacob pushed the door and walked in.

Claire hurriedly greeted him, “Dad, wash your hands and eat!” Jacob asked casually, “What kind of food are you

cooking? Are there any hard dishes?”

If you gnaw, I’ll buy you two yuan tomorrow!”

Jacob got a headache when he heard Elaine’s words, and frowned, “You really can’t spit ivory out of your mouth.” He said

, he stepped into the restaurant and went to the sink of the western kitchen While washing his hands, he came to the dining table and sat down slowly, and said to charlie, “Good son-in-law, guess who I saw when I went shopping in the antique street today?” 

charlie casually said, “It must be Zhang Ermao ( Cade ), who else could it be?”

Jacob said in surprise, “Yes, good son-in-law, you are a master!”

charlie smiled, “Dad, don’t say that I knew Zhang Ermao ( Cade ) from the beginning. Back to Antique Street, even if I don’t know, if you ask, it must be Zhang Ermao ( Cade ) who hasn’t run away, who else is the person we both know and sells antiques in Antique Street.” “That’s right.” Jacob

nodded Then he thought of what happened in Antique Street, and sighed, “This Zhang Ermao ( Cade ) is getting darker and darker. Today he went out of the stall and put a piece of lightning wood. I asked him how much it sold for, and he opened his mouth. Come here for five million, is this f*cking poor and crazy?”

As he said that, he thought of something, and said again, “Oh, right, I heard that Zhang Ermao ( Cade ) quit working on antiques a while ago, and went to hang out with Don Albert, and now he can’t get along with Don Albert? Bring that set of forced buying and selling into the antique circle?”

charlie smiled and said, “Dad, you don’t care what Zhang Ermao ( Cade ) does, a piece of lightning strike wood, he can sell it for as much as he likes, and it doesn’t matter if the price is too high. People buy it, based on your experience in the antique industry for so many years, have you ever heard of any fool who would spend five million to buy a piece of lightning strike wood?”

Jacob nodded with his lips pursed, and said with a smile, “That’s right.”

The horse on the side Lan asked, “Jacob, are you starting to sell antiques again now?”

Jacob squinted at her, and said casually, “I’m not an antique dealer, what kind of antiques are you selling? It’s just that you have a sharp eye, and it’s considered in this industry.” You are the best among them, occasionally let me catch the opportunity, and I can pick up a big hole as soon as I make a move.”

“Only you?” Elaine said disdainfully, “Once you make a move, don’t poke it, it’s considered a high profile!”

“You know what a fart!” Jacob looked at her contemptuously, and then said to charlie, “By the way, good son-in-law, our Painting and Calligraphy Association will hold an exhibition of ancient calligraphy and painting in Aurous Hill in a while. The inside is also very supportive, and at that time, it should face the whole country and make a big move! Maybe even CCTV will be invited to report the whole process!” charlie asked curiously, “Is there such a big movement?


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