The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5804

Our Aurous Hill is not considered a hometown of calligraphy and painting, Isn’t it a bit forced to make such a big move?”

Jacob said, “It doesn’t matter if Aurous Hill is not a hometown of calligraphy and painting, as long as Aurous Hill can exhibit awesome calligraphy and painting works, so we are now collecting famous works from collectors all over Aurous Hill Well, the first step is our internal financing. Our president and other vice presidents have a lot of ancient calligraphy and paintings in their hands. As the executive vice president, I am the most unworthy. Although I am the second in command, I have nothing to do , can you see if you can find a relationship to help me collect a few? If you can’t, you can borrow a few, and Dad will return it to you after the painting and calligraphy exhibition is over!” charlie asked curiously, “Dad, did you ask about it when you went to

Antique Street today ? Ask Zhang Ermao ( Cade )? Isn’t he quite talented?”

“Zhang Ermao ( Cade )?” Jacob curled his lips and said, “You don’t know, that kid’s mother is a complete profiteer. He didn’t know who he learned from a few years ago. He pissed on fake calligraphy and paintings to make old ones, and he also sold them. The Japanese and Koreans who came to collect antiques ended up making trouble at the embassy, ​​and I asked him for help, in case he also pissed on me a few times, I would definitely lose face to the whole country.”

charlie had never heard of such a thing, and asked curiously, “Is Zhang Ermao ( Cade ) still doing something like this? What happened later? How did you deal with it?

” A few foreigners buried mines, sold them a batch of fake bronze wares, charged them a large sum of money, and helped them get them abroad. The foreigners thought they had found a treasure, so he threatened them with this. Those few foreigners said it was a big deal to surrender, and everyone died and went to prison together, how dare those Japanese and Koreans go to prison in China, and it will be nothing in the end.” Speaking of

this, Jacob couldn’t help smacking his lips and sighing, “Tsk tsk, if you talk about this Ermao, there’s something f*cking good about it.”

charlie smiled and said, “Dad, you haven’t seen Zhang Ermao ( Cade ) selling “Mona Lisa”. It must be shocking.” Jacob asked curiously, “Zhang Ermao ( Cade ) sells the “Mona


Lisa was sold to a Frenchman for a lot of money.”

“Is there such a thing?” Jacob said in surprise, “That foreigner’s brain was kicked by a donkey? Isn’t the “Mona Lisa” in their Is it hanging in the Louvre?”

charlie waved his hand, “The one hanging in the Louvre was plagiarized by Leonardo da Vinci, and the original is our Yuan Dynasty painter Zhao Mengfu.” “

What…” Jacob was at a loss.” Good son-in-law, where are you talking about? How could Zhao Mengfu have anything to do with the “Mona Lisa”? Besides, he and Leonardo Da Vinci are two hundred years behind. There should be some… …”

Claire on the side couldn’t help laughing and said, “Honey, don’t fool Dad…”

charlie laughed and said, “Dad, I’m not joking with you, let’s eat quickly!”

Jacob came back to his senses , said resentfully, “Good son-in-law, it doesn’t matter if you are joking with dad, but don’t forget what dad said just now.” “Do you want calligraphy and painting?

” “

Jacob thought for a while, and said, “Our president said he was going to take out five sets of calligraphy and paintings. I am the second in command, a little less than him, let’s do four sets!” charlie nodded, “Okay, I will wrap it on

me .”

At the same time, Aurous Hill University.


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