The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6063

Liam quickly arranged for the three of them.

Arlo Hu and Hallie were placed in the adult ward, while little Jimmy was placed in the children’s ward.

Under the guidance of the staff, James Smith completed the hospitalization procedures for his son, and the whole process was like a dream.

He thought that his son had no chance to participate in the clinical trial of Jiuxuan Pharmaceutical, and he was just discussing with his wife whether to send the child to the United States for hospice care, but he didn’t expect that everything would turn upside down in the blink of an eye Variety.

Because he had a certain understanding of Jiuxuan Zaizao Pills, James Smith had only one thought at the moment, and that was his son’s life, which was really saved this time!

He couldn’t help guessing in his heart, who was secretly promoting all this. Could it be that the Mr. Lin that Arlo Hu met by chance really had such great ability?

Just when he was lost for a while, his wife Jenny called suddenly.

Only then did James Smith remember that he was too excited and curious to keep pace with his wife on such an important matter. So he immediately connected the phone, and before he could speak, Jenny on the phone couldn’t wait to ask, ” James

, how is your situation?”

He said endlessly, “Jimmy has already been admitted by them. I just completed the admission procedures for Jimmy. There is a clinical trial base inside Jiuxuan Pharmaceutical, and Jimmy and I are here!” Jenny blurted out excitedly, “Really

?! James, is what you said true? Are you kidding me? Did you lie to me?!”

James Smith said in a very firm tone, “Honey, how could I joke with you about such an important thing? Now that Jimmy has It’s on the hospital bed, and their doctor is examining Jimmy.”

As he spoke, he quickly said, “Wait a minute, I’ll send you a video!”

Before Jenny could respond, James Smith hung up the phone and sent a video call to Jenny. 

Jenny also connected immediately, and soon, Jenny saw James Smith running quickly in the corridor of the inpatient area on the screen of the mobile phone.

James Smith switched the camera. He had already run back to Jimmy’s ward. As soon as he opened the door and entered, he saw two doctors conducting a detailed examination on the comatose Jimmy.

These doctors are all doctors poached by Jiuxuan Pharmaceutical from major tumor hospitals. Their main task here is not to treat patients, but to use the most professional means to monitor each patient’s use of Jiuxuan Rezao Pills. The physical changes before and after treatment are used to record the specific efficacy of Jiuxuan Zaizao Pills.

Seeing James Smith coming back, a doctor said to him, “Excuse me, are you Jimmy’s father, Mr. Smith?”

James Smith nodded quickly and said, “I am, doctor, how is my son now?”

The doctor said “At present, Jimmy’s condition is not very good. All aspects of him are signs of terminal cancer, but he is not life-threatening. We have just collected his blood and sent him to the laboratory for a comprehensive cancer diagnosis. Indicator inspection, immediately arrange for him to have a Pat CT to see the current division of cancer cells.”

James Smith asked impatiently, “Excuse me, when can you start taking Jiuxuan Reconstitution Pills for your children?”

In James In Smith’s view, Jiuxuan Zaizao Pill is the only life-saving straw for his son at present. As for blood drawing and CT scan, these are just routine cancer examinations and have no therapeutic effect.

The doctor also understood James Smith’s mood and explained, “You don’t have to worry about this. The reason why we draw blood and do CT scans is mainly to understand the physical condition of the child when he is admitted to the hospital, so that it can be used later. Reference and comparison.”


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