The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6065

James Smith really didn’t expect that charlie Wade was not only the boss of Jiuxuan Pharmaceutical, but also gave his son a chance to survive when he was most desperate.

Thinking back on his helplessness before, at this moment, he was extremely grateful to charlie Wade in his heart.

Liam smiled and said, “Mr. Smith, don’t worry. Mr. Wade has explained that he is out of town now, so you should accompany your son to receive treatment these days. When the child’s condition improves, he will naturally recover when he returns to Aurous Hill.” I invite you to meet.”

James Smith said gratefully, “Then Mr. Liam must help me convey my thanks to Mr. Wade, our whole family is grateful for his great kindness!”

Liam nodded and looked at James Smith In the current state, he knows in his heart that this person is really grateful to charlie Wade, and will definitely do his best for charlie Wade in the future.

The underlying cultural background and underlying logic of Jiuxuan Pharmaceuticals are quite different from those of Western society. If Jiuxuan Pharmaceuticals’ drugs are to be successfully marketed in North America or even Europe in the future, there must be a person who understands the Western medical system very well, and in this world Those who have enough resources in the system will be the striker prizes who charge forward.

And James Smith is definitely the best candidate, not one of them.

Liam, as the CEO of Jiuxuan Pharmaceutical, also looks forward to James Smith joining the team one day. 

However, he knew in his heart that he was not suitable to come forward in this matter, and charlie Wade still had to communicate with James Smith.

So, he smiled and said to James Smith, “Don’t worry, Mr. Smith, I will convey it to Mr. Wade for you later.”

Then, he looked at the time and said, “Mr. Smith, I have something else to do, so I won’t bother you. We have already arranged for the child’s follow-up treatment. Don’t worry, all cancer patients who participate in clinical trials, as long as they enter the nine Mysterious Pharmaceuticals will get better and recover without exception, so you don’t have to worry about it now, just stay with the child and wait for the child to recover and be discharged from the hospital.”

Liam’s words undoubtedly gave James Smith great confidence. He nodded repeatedly and watched Liam leave gratefully.

After waiting outside the CT room for about ten minutes, the electric door slowly opened, and several doctors immediately went in and pushed out Jimmy who was still in a coma.

As soon as Jimmy left the CT room, James Smith hurried forward to check on his son’s condition, but his son hadn’t received the Jiuxuan Zaizao Pill yet, so his condition didn’t improve.

At this moment, two doctors in white coats walked over quickly, one of them was holding a small suitcase, and the other was holding a portable professional video camera.

The two came to Jimmy, and the doctor with the suitcase asked the other doctors, “Is the patient ready to take the medicine now?”

The doctor who had been in touch with James Smith nodded and said, “The patient has done all the examinations.” It’s over, you can take the medicine.”

The doctor nodded and said, “Okay, now I’m going to take the medicine.”

After finishing speaking, he exchanged glances with the doctor holding the camera beside him, and said, “Start recording now.”

The other party immediately turned on the record button of the camera , Then the doctor opened the suitcase, and there were dozens of spherical medicine boxes slightly smaller than golf balls neatly arranged inside. He took off two in order, and rotated in front of the camera to show the anti-counterfeit seal on the spherical medicine box. At the same time, he opened the mouth and said, “Patient number e33 in group e, name Jimmy Smith; age twelve years old; on the first day of admission, he took two Jiuxuan Zaizao Pills. Please check the information with your family members.”

After that, he handed the two Jiuxuan reconstituted pills to James Smith, and said, “Mr. Smith, please check these two pills.


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