The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6070

charlie didn’t expect that Zara banks could sort out and summarize so much effective information in just 10 minutes, and he had great recognition for this woman’s business acumen, judgment ability, and business ability. He asked

Zara banks: “From Ms. banks’s point of view, if she buys this company, how much will she be able to fulfill her wish? “

Zara banks said, “Mr. Wade, from the information I can find so far, their boss, Fadil, has a public shareholding ratio of 576, but through other equity structures and option holdings, the overall calculation should be 785. , is a well-deserved major shareholder. If he wants to successfully acquire Zhicheng Group, as long as Fadil nods,

he will be considered a success; It’s a good year to earn 30 to 40 million. If you’re unlucky, you may not earn a penny or even lose money throughout the year;” “

Looking at him in the next 20 years, he will be able to get money from the Zhicheng Group one after another. The net income should not exceed 600 million; “

“If the quotation we give him can ensure that he can earn more than 600 million at one time without any gambling clauses or waiting periods, then he has no Any reason will reject our acquisition. ” ” Divide 600 million by his shareholding ratio, which is 785. The total price we quoted to Zhicheng Group should be around

760 million;

Look at the specific chat with Fadil, and analyze his current psychological state and psychological expectations through communication. If it is safer, I personally suggest setting the psychological price at 800 million, but I will use 600 million as the quotation to talk to him. Try to win him within the price range of 700 million to 750 million!

charlie asked her, “Are you sure? ” “

“Yes.” Zara banks said confidently, “Entrepreneurs like Fadil have been engaged in physical businesses for decades. Although the scale of the industry is large, the money is still earned. This kind of person, there is no possibility of getting rich overnight in business, and he has no chance to cash out when he wants to go public, so he can’t feel the feeling of getting rich overnight, so his enthusiasm will be relatively consumed. He probably doesn’t know how much he hopes to have someone I can take away his plate at one time, so that he can withdraw and retire smoothly with that huge sum of money, and he is an absolute controlling shareholder, so whether he succeeds or not depends only on him, and I believe there should be no problem.”

charlie was very satisfied, and said to her, “I’m in Poole now, how long do you think it will take you to solve this matter? If it’s quick, I’ll wait for you for two days, if it’s slow, I’ll go to other places to do other things first , I’ll come back after you get it done.”

Zara banks looked at the time and said, “It’s almost sunset here, but since you’re in Poole, there should be more than an hour before sunset. If all goes well, it’s on your side Before sunset, I should get him to nod, as long as he nods, I can immediately pay him a deposit of 100 million, and then send a team of lawyers to go through the transfer procedures with him overnight!” “One hour?” charlie smiled when he heard this

answer He said, “Okay, then I’ll wait for your news here. As long as he nods and you pay the deposit, tell him that you must first send two consultants to his base in Zhicheng Mountain for inspection, and ask him to notify the person in charge of the base to prepare to receive him.” !”


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  1. Thanks for these two chapters of the amazing son in law. Please send more chapters beginning with 6071. Thanks 😊

  2. Hmmmm charlie wade! Am hoping in naming my unborn child after him such an amazing master of all with His graet grandmother (Alani)by his side it’s a winning game everywhere.

  3. TulshidasSingha

    Two small chapters with unnecessary copying a company details is really botheration for the readers of the thrillers.

  4. Pag nalaman ni zara banks na babae na naman kasama ni charlie another karibal hehehe selos again. Thank you for the updates.

  5. Como es posible que Sara con todo el poder que tiene su organización no investigue los casos de venta de píldoras de rejuvenecimiento, o la industria farmacéutica que vende medicamentos para curar el cáncer,.

    1. Tienes un buen punto. Me pregunto si el autor pensaría en un giro en la historia para justificar ese vacío en el argumento.

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