The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6071

At this very moment, Zhicheng Building in downtown Poole.

Sixty-two-year-old Fadil has just finished the distributor meeting.

Since there was going to be a dinner party for distributors at the hotel in the evening, although he was exhausted, he could only rest in the office for a while, and when the time came, he would forcefully go to the banquet site.

Fadil felt a little depressed today.

In recent years, dealers have become more and more powerful in front of the group. In the past, the group put pressure on the dealers to assess their performance, forcing them to continue to purchase goods and increase inventory, and even often deducted their sales for various reasons. Rebate at the end of the year to force them to work harder and be more obedient.

However, with the rise of e-commerce in recent years, most traditional brands have lost this absolute advantage in front of dealers.

Especially in the opaque fast-moving consumer goods industry such as alcohol and tea, new brands will come out every day to boast and package themselves as Maotai No. 2 or tea Zhiba.

They are better at packaging and storytelling than traditional companies, and they are also very shrewd and good at marketing. They can find an OEM manufacturer to produce a liquor with better packaging, and hang a link of 500 yuan on the website. Then I used various promotional packages offline, and finally 51 bottles were free of postage. The result was this kind of liquor, the real cost of which didn’t even cost five yuan.

The cost of the wine is five yuan, the cost of advertising and buying traffic is ten yuan, and the logistics cost of two or three yuan is basically the entire cost of this wine.

Fifty-one bottles are sold to consumers, and there is at least thirty profit margins.

The same is true for tea.

Fadil sells ordinary mass-grade Pu’er tea for only 100 yuan per cake, which is more than 300 grams per cake, but marketing experts divide the tea of ​​the same quality into small portions of five grams, and then customize a story for it. A copy can be sold for 50 yuan;

Some colleagues are not good at packaging and telling stories, but they are good at price wars. They package those who know tea as firewood and think it’s too choking. If the cake is not enough, add another cake, and if it is not enough, add another cake, a total of five big cakes, plus three small cakes for travel, and then a teapot for making tea will be packed on the car, and the total price is 100.

This seemingly kind sales method with small profits but high sales is actually even more deceitful. There are eight cakes of tea leaves from five big and three small ones, and the cost adds up to less than 20 yuan. One yuan and five, and the remaining 70 yuan in profit margins, if you allocate more than 20 yuan to the online celebrities who bring the goods, you can still earn half of it.

Fadil knew the tactics of his peers, and knew that they made more money by using this way of playing, and at the same time took away their target customers, but Fadil himself could not learn from the other party’s such low-level marketing methods .

These competitors are not people who really understand tea and love tea. They just regard tea as a temporary way to make money.When they choose tea, they will use this method to harvest tea consumers. When they aim at health products tomorrow, they will start a new stove, pack another health product, and wash it in the same way. Customers of Bo Health Products.

In Fadil’s words, those people lack reverence for tea.

And he was different.

He has loved tea all his life, and relying on tea, he has become a relatively well-known and wealthy entrepreneur in the local area, so he has a passionate affection for tea.

He feels that the premise of making money is to make tea well first, and only the money earned in this way can he feel at ease.

It is precisely because of this love and awe that he has never been able to find a real chance to get rich overnight.

And those scammers are different. They may sell tens of thousands of orders a day for an order of 50 tea leaves, and easily make millions of profits in one night.

Sometimes seeing these people make a lot of money, Fadil will lose confidence in the tea industry. He feels that most industries will form an embarrassing situation where bad money drives out good money.

If you don’t want to become bad money, you can only be expelled by bad money.

Instead of this, it is better to cash out and leave the market as soon as possible.

But cashing out is not as simple as imagined.

Just like a steamed stuffed bun shop, the boss has worked hard for a year, and although he can earn hundreds of thousands, the boss wants to sell the bun shop at ten times the profit, that is, sell it at the profit of the next ten years, and directly sell it to others. It’s more than one million, that’s just a dream, and you can’t even eat a fart.

Today’s dealer meeting, Fadil suffered another big blow.

Those agents have asked to reduce the purchase discount, from the original 50% discount to 40% discount, and said that if the group does not agree, they will reduce or even stop the purchase.

Don’t underestimate the difference in this discount. If something worth 50 yuan is discounted to 40 yuan, it is equivalent to being discounted by 20 yuan.

Normally, Fadil would have gotten angry in front of the agent, but he still suppressed his anger, and promised the dealer that he would seriously consider their proposal.

Sitting in the office, Fadil dared to scold his mother behind his back, scolding these dealers for crossing rivers and tearing down bridges. At this time, Fadil’s son, Ermias, knocked on the door ,

“Dad, can I come in? ” After closing the door, he said with righteous indignation, “Dad!


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