The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6073

What the secretary said made Fadil and his son Ermias dumbfounded.

Naturally, they have heard of the name of the banks Group. After all, the Banks family is the most powerful family in China, and it is definitely a ceiling-level existence in the country.

On the other hand, Zhicheng Group, although it is called a group, has not even been listed on the GEM, let alone a name in southern Yunnan, and it is barely a well-known enterprise in Poole City.

Even if the father and son were dreaming, they didn’t dare to think that they would be acquired by a top family like the banks Group.

After all, everyone’s ranks are too different, and the banks Group’s assets are more than a thousand times more than that of the Zhicheng Group.

Therefore, Fadil asked his secretary in disbelief, “Aren’t you kidding me? The banks Group wants to talk to us about an acquisition?” The secretary

said aggrievedly, “Chairman, how could I joke with you! That’s what she said on the phone, and she also said that if your time is convenient and you are really interested, you can arrange a video conference to chat.”

Fadil and his son Ermias looked at each other, and then asked his son, “Ermias, what do you think? What about it?”

Ermias took the case without hesitation, “Fraud! It must be a telecom fraud! Damn, these scammers in northern Myanmar are really abominable! The deception is becoming more and more professional! In the past, I used to pretend to be the company leader to trick the accountant into transferring money. Start playing tricks of mergers and acquisitions!” 

said, and he cursed angrily again, “Dad, why can’t these people design the details of the plot well? The idea of ​​acquiring is really good, but the details are not in place. If you say that you pretend to be a company in the same industry as the Juyi Group, we can believe him. He directly came to the banks Group and treated people like fools. This is it, why doesn’t he just pretend to be Elon Musk?”

Fadil was stunned, thinking that what his son said made sense.

So he rubbed his temples, and said to the secretary annoyedly, “Call the police.”

The secretary said embarrassingly, “Chairman, he didn’t say anything, he just showed his identity and said that if youIf you are interested in shopping, everyone can arrange a video conference. If I call the police, how can I tell the police…”

Fadil waved his hand, “Then ignore him! The

secretary didn’t know what to do.

Seeing that he hadn’t left yet, Fadil couldn’t help asking, “Why are you still here?” Go out and do your business! “

The secretary coughed twice, and said falteringly, “That…the chairman…I don’t think this is a liar, he speaks very professionally, and those who make fraudulent calls in northern Myanmar are all illiterate An illiterate who can’t get along with hot food in China, and his speech is definitely not that professional…”

As he spoke, he asked bravely, “Chairman, they said to arrange a video conference, why don’t we try it? Anyway, if you just show your face, you won’t suffer, and you won’t be fooled…”

Fadil asked him back, “I ask you, why do you think the banks Group bought us? Still the secretary of the board! Do you know what a board secretary is? “

The secretary nodded, and said aggrievedly, “I know, I am the secretary of the board of directors…”

Fadil said angrily, “You are a parallel importer as the secretary of the board of directors, and I am a parallel importer as the chairman of the board, let alone you?” But the banks Group, what level is that? The secretary of the banks Group’s board of directors must be dedicated to serving the chairman of the banks Group and the owner of the Banks family! “

As he said, he said again, “Think about it for yourself, under what circumstances would the Secretary of the banks Group’s board of directors call us and say he wanted to buy us?” That had to be personally instructed by the chairman of the banks Group and the Patriarch of the Banks family before she would call us! Have you read “Private Interview of Kangxi Weifu”? If San Dezi in it is out of the palace to do business, it must be something that the emperor has instructed. So do you think that the chairman of the banks Group will suddenly want to buy us? “

The secretary was speechless when asked, feeling aggrieved for a long time, and muttered in a low voice, “However, since this


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