The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6074

There is nothing to lose…”

“Damn…” Seeing that he was still stubborn here, Fadil scolded his mother angrily, and blurted out, “Are you the secretary of the board or am I the secretary of the board? Do whatever I tell you to do, and if you keep messing with me, I’ll arrange for you to grow tea in a tea mountain! I was in a bad mood at first, and you’re still messing with me here! The

secretary had an idea, and said, “Chairman, you are in a bad mood, why not have a video conference with the other party, and scold them directly to relieve your anger!”

Fadil was also bored, grinning and said, “Okay! ” You arrange! I f*cking have to let those crooks eat electric batons today!

The secretary immediately said, “Wait a minute, I will call the other party back right away! ” “

As he said, he took out his mobile phone and walked outside the door.

Ermias stretched his waist, and said cursingly, “I have already studied the deception of the northern Burmese liar, or it is to let you enter some Tencent meeting, NetEase conference, etc. In the meeting, he fooled us into allowing him to remotely control the computer; or, let us open some gold bars and white bars to borrow money, and then they secretly borrowed the money and transferred it out. Dad, wait and see, it must be such a routine. 

Fadil snorted coldly, “It’s just f*cking angry, no matter what their tricks are, I have one purpose, scolding to death!” “

Two minutes later, the secretary came in quickly and said, “Chairman, I have an appointment with them. She asked us to go to the official website of the banks Group, where there is an online meeting function. Enter their meeting code, and you can Started the video conference. “

“Uh…” Ermias froze for a moment, and asked, “What did you say?” She let us enter the video conference from the official website of the banks Group? “

” Yes. The secretary nodded and said, “I’m also wondering, does the banks Group have video conferencing products?” “

“f*ck…” Ermias hurried to his father’s desk, searched for the official website of the banks Group, and after confirming that it was correct, clicked to open the official website.

r> After opening the official website, in a secondary category of “Contact Us”, there was indeed an entrance for online video conferences. Ermias clicked again, and a dialog box popped up immediately, saying “Please enter the conference code to enter the conference.

” Then, behind it is an input box.

Below the input box, there is a series of reminders that read “This video conference function is the only official channel for online negotiations between the banks Group and cooperative companies, and it can only be initiated by banks Group employees. If there is no conference code, please consult your The contact person.”

Ermias scratched his head, frowned and said, “Dad… this… this seems to be true… a liar must not be the official website of the Black Family banks Group…” Fadil asked in surprise, “Is it

true? The banks Group really wants to buy us?! Why are they buying us?”

Ermias couldn’t help exclaiming, “Dad, the famous banks Group sometimes misses it!”

Fadil murmured, “Who the hell knows? After finishing speaking

, he raised his eyebrows and said angrily, “Oh, no, what are you farting here!” The

secretary on the side quickly said, “Chairman, quickly enter the conference code and enter the conference room to have a look, they are already waiting there!” “

Oh!” Fadil came back to his senses, and immediately entered the meeting code.

Immediately afterwards, the page automatically jumped to the online meeting room.

On the other end of the video, a young professional woman can be seen sitting at her desk. As Fadil went online, the other party immediately said, “Mr. Fadil, I am Zhang Ziqi, secretary to the chairman of the banks Group.

” Outside the range of the camera, he quickly used his mobile phone to search for the information of the secretary of the banks Group, and sure enough, he found Zhang Ziqi’s encyclopedia and detailed introduction. When he clicked on it, he found that she was indeed the young woman in the video.

At this moment, he couldn’t hold back his excitement, and whispered to his father, “Dad! It’s true! It’s true!”


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