The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6076

I thought to myself, “Damn it, this is the real rich man! If you like to drink Pu-erh tea, why the f*ck would you accept a company that produces Pu-erh tea? Your money is the wind blowing Did you come here?”

Then, thinking about it in another direction, he felt relieved instantly.

“The assets of the Banks family exceed one trillion yuan. Buying a Pu’er tea company with a few hundred million yuan is equivalent to tens of thousands of yuan for a person. Isn’t it easy to buy a bottle of beverage for seven or eight yuan? Really want to drink Tea, even if it’s only a hundred yuan, you’re willing to spend seven or eight yuan!”

Thinking of this, he immediately complimented, “Miss banks is really filial! Our Zhicheng Group still has a lot of advantages in the field of Pu’er tea. In Puer, we have a very large tea production base, which can ensure green and pollution-free planting methods.”

Zara banks smiled and said, “Indeed, I have sent several Pu’er tea experts to various places in southern Yunnan During the inspection, I just contacted several companies of the same type in the past few days, and the current idea is to seize the time to finalize one of these candidate companies.” After speaking,

Zara banks put away his smile and said seriously, “Mr. , let’s just talk about the price directly, what is your psychological price?”

Fadil thought for a while, and said, “Miss banks, my psychological price is… one billion…”

Fadil did not have any confidence in what he said, but on the surface Still relatively calm.

Zara banks didn’t watch Fadil in the video at all. When she heard the one billion offer, she just smiled slightly and said, “Mr. Fadil, I have done some research on your financial reports in the past few years and the approximate revenue in the past few years.” Understand, the price of one billion is not too high to be honest, but this price can only be used for financing, not for sale. If I just want your 10 shares, valued at one billion, and invested 100 million, I don’t think so. That’s too much, after all, you still have to continue to run the company, and you have to ensure that the future development of the company is not lower than expected and sign a gambling agreement with me;” At this point,

Zara banks changed the subject, and said, “However, let’s talk now It’s a one-off deal. I’ll buy all your assets in a package. You don’t have to make any performance bets with me, and you don’t have to worry about this company anymore.Half dim sum, in this case, you still report one billion, which is indeed a bit taken for granted. “

Fadil was a little embarrassed at once. He didn’t expect that Zara banks was young, but he was very experienced. Although he was worth trillions of dollars, he was very shrewd. He didn’t feel like he was rich and lavish. At this time, 

Zara banks He said, “Well, Mr. Fadil, everyone’s time is precious, please quote the price again. If you are sincere, we will continue to chat. If you are not sincere, you will not waste each other’s time. What I dislike most is constant bargaining, which not only wastes Time, but also a waste of emotion. “

As soon as these words came out, Fadil suddenly panicked.

He felt that although he asked for one billion, it was a little unkind, but after all, this is the logic of buying and selling. The seller makes an offer and the buyer counter-offers. The price quoted by the seller must be unreasonable. The price quoted at the beginning is definitely not reasonable. Everyone just has to work with each other, make concessions, and finally find a compromise point that everyone can accept. But he didn’t expect

that this young Zara banks didn’t like playing with this kind of traditional Routine.

Fadil hesitated for a moment, gritted his teeth and said, “Miss banks, since you said so, I won’t play tricks with you, how about this, I’ll give you a 20% discount, 800 million, Zhicheng Group belongs to you, I this The price is really very sincere. “

” Sincerity is not enough. “Zara banks said lightly, and then said without hesitation, “Well, Mr. Fadil, I will only quote the price once, seven hundred million!” The premise is that your Zhicheng Group will close the account from this second, and there will be no more expenses of a dime on the account, and your legal team must also seal all official seals, and you must not sign any contracts with any third-party companies other than the banks Group. For legal documents, wait for my audit team to take over and start the audit.” “

If you think it’s okay, I will arrange for the finance to transfer a 100 million intent gold to your personal account. We will complete an intent gold agreement online. Whoever regrets, whoever Just compensate the other party with 100 million cash;”

“But if you think the price is inappropriate, then you don’t have to bargain with me, we will stop the negotiation directly, you will find another buyer, and I will find another bid! “


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  2. Excellent negotiations, Miss Zara Banks you’re one amazing person. You’ll have him eating outta your hands.

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