The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6080

When the VIP (2/2) car drove to the factory gate, Eric  Wang had already seen charlie Wade’s license plate number clearly, and knew that this was the car of the two experts, so he immediately braced himself up and prepared to deal with it.

At this time, the security guard walked to the middle of the road first, stopped charlie Wade’s car, and said, “Young man, why are you back again? Didn’t I tell you, you have to go to the group to make an appointment first!” Eric  Wang did

n’t Thinking that the security guard went up to communicate with the VIP first, and it seemed that the two of them had already been here once before.

So, he immediately stepped forward to pull the security guard aside, and asked charlie Wade, “Hello, are you an expert sent by the banks Group?” charlie Wade pointed to

Lin Wan’er (Alani) beside him, and said with a smile, “I’m not an expert.” , this lady is the real expert.”

The security guard said with a puzzled look, “Young man, when did you two become experts?” 

. How do you talk to the VIP, the VIP is here to guide our inspection work, so you are here to dictate, open the door quickly!” The security guard was surprised, but after all the factory

manager had spoken, he hurriedly opened the door .

Eric  Wang hurriedly said to charlie Wade, “You two, I am Eric  Wang, the director of our factory. I am in charge of all the big and small affairs here. Please let me know what you want to investigate first. I will definitely cooperate with you.” , Never keep secrets!”

charlie Wade nodded and said, “Well, you can arrange a place first, let’s sit down and chat for a while.”

Eric  Wang blurted out, “No problem! Then please move to my office! “

charlie Wade asked him, “Is Director Wang driving?”

Eric  Wang nodded quickly, “It’s on!”

“Okay.” charlie Wade said, “Then you lead the way.”


Eric  Wang black blockHe got into a black Audi car and brought charlie Wade to the factory office building.

Afterwards, he graciously invited charlie Wade and Lin Wan’er (Alani) to his office, and while making tea, he said, “The two of you are here so late today, what do you mainly want to know about us?” charlie Wade asked casually, “I

heard Did you say that your tea base is mainly based on Erlang Mountain?”

“That’s right!” Eric  Wang nodded heavily, and explained, “Our tea base itself was built around Erlang Mountain. Privately contracted tea mountains, but due to the poor planting and management of these tea farmers, the quality and output of tea here have been declining year after year. After we took over, we took over the mother plant of Caiyi Erlang Mountain as the core and re-cultivated it based on it. The quality of the tea has been greatly improved.”

Lin Wan’er (Alani) was immediately excited when she heard the key words of the Erlangshan Pucha mother plant, so she asked, “Director Wang, may I ask, what Erlangshan Pucha you are talking about?” What does the mother plant of tea mean?”

Eric  Wang explained, “It’s these two distinguished guests. There is a Pu’er tea tree with a history of more than a thousand years on Mount Erlang. There are many tea trees in a radius of tens of miles. It is said that they all came from it. After we took over, we also did a certain degree of breeding work. At that time, the basis of our breeding was this thousand-year-old Pu’er tea tree.”

Lin Wan’er (Alani) was even more excited, and asked quickly, “I don’t know if Director Wang can take us Let’s go and have a look at this thousand-year-old tea tree? Maybe it will be of great help to our future breeding direction.”

Eric  Wang nodded and said straightforwardly, “Since the two distinguished guests want to see it, you can do it anytime!

” Eric  Wang said again, “It’s just that the sky outside is getting darker now. It will probably be dark by the time we go up the mountain. I wonder if the darkness will affect your judgment on this tea tree?” Lin Wan’er (Alani) said without thinking,

” No, I can see it in my heart!”


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    1. What a great point. The mother tree might respond to Charlie and he will receive the final connection to become stronger than Sara. I wonder what direction did she go.

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