The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6081

In Eric  Wang’s eyes, charlie Wade and Lin Wan’er (Alani) are his gods of wealth. Since they are going up the mountain, of course he has to cooperate with all his strength.

So, he immediately said to the two of them, “You two distinguished guests, wait a moment, I will gather some people and bring more lighting equipment to go up with you!”

charlie Wade waved his hand and said, “No need, we are still in the stage of secret investigation. I hope the news leaks out. You don’t have to deliberately arrange it. Let other people get off work and take a rest. Remove all the staff and security guards on Zhicheng Mountain. In addition, let the security guards stop all surveillance on Zhicheng Mountain. The two of us Just go up and have a look.”

In the past, if someone made such a request, Eric  Wang would never agree to it. Although the mother tree on Erlang Mountain is not the best Pu’er tea tree, it is at least a well-known one in southern Yunnan. , is also the core competitiveness of the entire Zhicheng Group. If someone steals the branches and goes back to graft and breed, it will be a great threat to the Zhicheng Group.

But now Eric  Wang doesn’t need to think about this. As long as he takes good care of the two in front of him, the entire Zhicheng Group will be the property of the Su Group after the contract is signed tomorrow, and the mother tree on Erlang Mountain will naturally become With the assets of the Su Group, what else do I have to worry about?

So, he immediately agreed and said with a smile, “Wait a minute, I’ll arrange it!”

Soon, the security guards on Erlang Mountain who were on duty 24 hours to guard the mother tree were withdrawn. 

All surveillance cameras on Erlang Mountain have also been cut off from power supply.

After doing all this, Eric  Wang said courteously, “The two of you may not know much about the situation of Zhicheng Mountain. It may be inconvenient to climb the mountain at night without a guide. How about I go up with you?” charlie Wade exchanged ideas with Lin Wan’er (Alani)

. With a glance, seeing that Lin Wan’er (Alani) seemed reluctant, she said to Eric  Wang, “No need for Director Wang, we have already learned about the situation of Zhicheng Group, and the situation of Zhicheng Mountain. Thank you for your support at the foot of the mountain.” , don’t let anyone other than us go up the mountain.”

Eric  Wang said without hesitation, “No problem, no problem! You two feel free to go up the mountain, and I will arrange the rest!” 

Eric  Wang brought charlie Wade and Lin Wan’er (Alani) two bright flashlights, brought them to the intersection up the mountain, and did not follow them up the mountain again.

charlie Wade and Lin Wan’er (Alani) went up the mountain all the way, and there was indeed no trace of other people along the way, and all the monitoring probes were indeed cut off.

Since Erlang Mountain has been operated by Zhicheng Group for many years, Zhicheng Group has built the entire Erlang Mountain into a layer-by-layer terraced field model, and a large number of tea trees are planted on each layer.

In addition, Zhicheng Group also built a stone step road up the mountain and a freight cableway specially used to transport fresh tea.

When the tea harvest season comes, the workers walk up the mountain to pick it. After picking a certain amount of each layer, the tea is collected and transported down the mountain by cableway for processing.

On the way up the mountain, Lin Wan’er (Alani) would often pick a leaf from the tea tree at hand and chew it gently in her mouth.

Seeing her tasting all the way, charlie Wade couldn’t help but ask, “How’s the quality of these teas?”

Lin Wan’er (Alani) smiled slightly, and said to charlie Wade, “The higher the level of the tea here, the better the quality, but the overall level is still a lot worse. , can’t reach high quality, but the new teas seem to have this kind of problem. Over the years, the good Pu’er tea I’ve tasted, except for the tea produced by the mother of Pu’er tea, there is nothing left. One exception is tea cakes with a history of more than a hundred years, and the new tea leaves in recent years are actually not very good.”

Lin Wan’er (Alani) said, “My family thinks that this should also have something to do with the development of science and technology. In any case, the tea trees can’t grow as densely as they are now. In

other words, the output of the current tea varieties is at least three times that of before; Each piece of tea is very plump and has a very good color. What’s more, it can control insect pests very well, so the yield rate is also


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