The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6087

Lin Wan’er (Alani)’s words inspired charlie Wade too!

He also felt that there were many coincidences in this.

Why is there such a strange dark cloud suddenly overwhelming?

Why does the dark cloud still show the image of shaking hexagrams?

Why did the dark clouds lack thunder and lightning?

Why did it appear in the place where the mother of Pucha failed to cross the catastrophe?

In addition, I just used the lightning strike wood formed by the failure of the mother of pucha to cross the tribulation, and created a brand new thunder order.

Many puzzling elements are gathered together, only Lin Wan’er (Alani)’s conjecture is the only answer that can answer all doubts!

Thinking of this, charlie Wade blurted out without hesitation, “In that case, then I will lead to a thunderstorm for the dark clouds in the sky!”

Lin Wan’er (Alani) nodded heavily, and said with anticipation in her eyes, “The mother of Pucha and the slave family are quite similar.” Opportunity, Mr. Lao will help you!” 

Charlie took out the Thunderbolt, held it in his palm, and fixed his eyes on the black cloud that was getting lower and thicker above his head, Instantly stopped the mental formula to cover up the aura.

Immediately afterwards, charlie Wade shouted “Thunder is coming!!”

In an instant, the spiritual energy in his body gushed out from the eight extraordinary meridians, and frantically poured into the thunderbolt in his hand.

In just the blink of an eye, the dark thunder order even began to overflow with white light from the inside out, and most of the aura in charlie Wade’s body was absorbed by the thunder order.

charlie Wade felt that the thunderbolt in his hand became more and more trembling, and the light became stronger and stronger, and there was even the sound of electric current inside.

At this moment, charlie Wade felt that what he held in his hand was no longer a thunderbolt, but the spherical lightning mentioned in science fiction for a long time!

Lin Wan’er (Alani) had never seen such a scene before, and her intuition told her that the light in charlie Wade’s hands was getting stronger and stronger, and if she didn’t make a move in time, she might be in danger of hurting charlie Wade herself, so she subconsciously shouted, “My lord, hurry up!” Cast the spell quickly, don’t wait any longer!”

charlie Wade shook his head, and said, “When to cast the spell, it’s not up to me anymore!”

If it is normal, charlie Wade thunders, the sky is dark clouds, the thunder roars, and the thunder is very loud. quickwill come down from the clouds.

But this time, charlie Wade shouted with a thunder, but the Thunderbolt in his hand didn’t immediately generate lightning, but kept accumulating energy, as if it was controlling the strength of the spell itself.

In other words, Jinglei made him feel that the aura he had accumulated was not enough!

At this time, the dark clouds in the sky had become unbelievably thick, and it was a bottomless darkness!

Lin Wan’er (Alani) was horrified, and asked him blurted out, “Isn’t the Master controlling this Thunderbolt?”

charlie Wade raised his right hand with some difficulty, and seeing the light getting stronger, he said with difficulty, “You guessed right! This must be pucha. The mother is calling, and the Thunderbolt in my hand was originally a part of her, and now I think it has been controlled by her, and it is no longer up to me!” Just as he was speaking, the Thunderbolt in

charlie Wade’s hand suddenly lost its light, and went down For a moment, an invisible and powerful energy shot out from the Thunderbolt and rushed straight towards the black cloud!

charlie Wade felt as if his body was emptied in an instant, and most of his aura was exhausted by this blow.

And the next moment, the inside of the dense black cloud in the sky suddenly tumbling at an extremely high speed, followed by the sound of rumbling thunder coming from inside, and the internal lightning strikes frequently, complex lightning like plant roots, splitting the black cloud Into countless small pieces of different sizes and rules.

What’s even more strange is that these roaring sounds seem to be intensifying, and the lightning that keeps shining in the cloud seems to be getting thicker and brighter.

It’s as if charlie Wade’s lightning strike just kicked off a performance. Right now, the thunder and lightning in the clouds are constantly pushing the performance to a climax.

Then, the black cloud began to slowly move from above Tianchi to where charlie Wade and Lin Wan’er (Alani) were.

Seeing that the lightning and thunder were getting closer, charlie Wade quickly took Lin Wan’er (Alani)’s hand and led her to run backwards several hundred meters.

Waiting for the two to stand regularly, Thunder and Black


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