The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6098

Realm, give me another 20 or 30 years, I may not be her opponent, but with this tea tree, at least a batch of people like the Four Earls can be cultivated in batches If a cultivator with good strength can’t win in quality, he will fight for quantity. Although the sea of ​​​​people tactics is a little behind, it is not without chance of winning. “

Lin Wan’er (Alani) nodded slightly, looked at the seedling and sighed, “Now let’s see if she can grow up quickly…”

charlie smiled slightly, “Be normal, she has her own fortune. “

With that said, charlie said again, “By the way, Miss Lin invites Mr. Sun to come and talk to him about surveillance. Lin Wan’er (Alani) stood up and said, “

Master, wait a moment, I’ll call Lao Sun.”

Soon, Sun Zhidong (Meir), who was in a much younger body, trotted all the way to the top courtyard. As soon as he

entered the courtyard, he said respectfully, “Miss, Mr. Wade, what do you two want me to do? ” ” 

Lin Wan’er (Alani) said, “Is there a way to mobilize all the surveillance in southern Yunnan these days without alerting anyone? “

Sun Zhidong (Meir) said, “Miss, as long as it belongs to the monitoring of the municipal government, it can be found in the system. My authority is high, and I can retrieve it without trace. You just need to tell me where the monitoring needs to be mobilized. Lin

Wan’er nodded, recalling that Sara appeared on Turtle Back Mountain at 10:00 yesterday morning, so she said, “First call me the surveillance cameras throughout Shuanglang.” “

” Good. Sun Zhidong (Meir) said, “Miss, wait a moment. I will arrange for people to prepare. They will use a dedicated line to transfer all the video content to a cloud server. After the transfer is completed, you can view it on the server at will.” Lin

Wan’er nodded slightly with satisfaction and said, “Hurry up and do it. I’ll wait for your news.”

Sun Zhidong (Meir) immediately said, “Okay, miss, I’ll make arrangements right now. ” “


at the same time.

In the middle of the Shiwan Mountains, a highway winds like a long dragon, interspersed between countless mountains, and an off-road vehicle is driving through the mountains at high speed.

The woman driving the car had a serious expression, her hands clenched on the steering wheel, and she was obviously nervous.

But she was nervous not because of lack of driving experience, but because of the growing sense of familiarity given to her by the surrounding environment.

The woman driving is Sara.

Although she has not been to Shiwandashan for many years, she still knows the place well.

Back then, this place was a huge maze created by nature’s miraculous craftsmanship. It blocked the Qing soldiers who surrounded her and Parker, and also brought them a rare opportunity.

But now, this mountain that was once difficult to walk has been completely connected by this highway. Countless tunnels and bridges have closely connected this place with the outside world.

However, although the expressway can change the traffic in Shiwandashan, it cannot change the special landform of Shiwandashan. Since ancient times, this place has been lined with mountains, vast and sparsely populated, and the transportation is extremely inconvenient. You often have to climb several mountains to see one. In some villages, people in some villages have never left the mountains where they live.

In recent years, with the continuous development of the economy and the advancement of urbanization, many mountain people who have lived in the mountains for generations have gradually moved out of the mountains. The population in the mountains is now smaller than that of Sara and Parker. .

At this time, Sara’s car had just passed a service area, but she did not choose to stop. Instead, after driving for more than ten kilometers, she pulled over and parked the car in the emergency lane.

After parking the car, she slowly got out of the car, stood on the roadside and looked into the distance for a moment, murmuring, “This is it…Master, Sara is back to see you…”


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