The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6122

Lin Wan’er looked at charlie and said with a smile, “No matter whether the master is still alive or not, based on his cultivation more than three hundred years ago, he should be the strongest among all the cultivators known to the master, right?” “

charlie nodded. “Within what I know, Meng Changsheng (Willie the 1st) is first and Sara is second. “

Yes.” ” Lin Wan’er (Alani), who held charlie’s arm, pulled charlie’s arm down like a coquettish girl. She smiled and said shyly, “Young master, in his heart, he regards the two of them as Mount Everest and K2. Today’s Qingzhao. The nunnery is the end point of the first summit attempt. Next time, consider this place as the base camp for the summit attempt and push forward step by step until you succeed. “

charlie sighed softly, nodded and said, “That’s all we can do. “

Lin Wan’er (Alani) saw that charlie was finally relieved, and felt much more relieved. At

this moment, she was like a newly married young lady in ancient times. She only had eyes for her “husband”, and “husband” was everything to her. “Husband” If she is happy, she won’t feel hard even if she eats glutinous vegetables, but if her “husband” is unhappy, even delicacies from mountains and seas will make her feel like chewing gum.

She is most afraid that charlie will not know how to retreat. Now it seems that although charlie has many She was somewhat unwilling to give in, but at least she had accepted the teacher’s advice.

Although she could see that she was still a little depressed, she left it to herself to enlighten and comfort her.

So, she held charlie’s arm, Pulling charlie, he turned around and walked on the way he came.

charlie walked with his head down, and Lin beside him

Wan’er thought of ways to ease his mood, and asked him expectantly, “Young master, do you think the mother of Pucha has grown up or sprouted in the past two days?” More leaves?”

charlie casually said, “It should grow bigger. As for the leaves, it shouldn’t be a big problem to pull out more buds.”

Lin Wan’er (Alani) said with a smile, “Then after we go back, the slave family will take out the new ones.” Pick the young shoots, kill the greens and give the young master a taste.”

charlie asked curiously, “Isn’t the process of making Pu’er tea very troublesome? After processing, it needs to be stored and fermented, right?” Lin

Wan’er smiled and said, “Actually, you can drink it after it is finished. It just lacks the fermentation taste, but it also has a fresh and soft flavor. Generally speaking, only freshly picked tea leaves are processed immediately. It’s best when it’s finished, and the requirements for freshness and time are strict, so most people don’t have the chance to taste it.”

charlie asked her with a smile, “Don’t you value the leaves of the mother of Pu tea? Why are you acting like this now?” That’s so generous.”


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  1. In principle, they have to turn around, it’s only a turn played by this group. Who has a smell of the woman captured by Charly who proposed to come with them, but for fear, to make herself known by Sara, she did not come with Charly and Lin Wan’er (Alani).

  2. Hell this story line is all over the place I cant see this coming to the end in maybe year 2030 or longer so I better hibernate for a couple of years maybe I might run into the old boy in the cave he may finish the story for me lol

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