The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6123

Lin Waner smiled shyly and said softly, “The mother of Pucha has so much vitality, it shouldn’t be a problem to pick a little. Isn’t that what the master said.” charlie knew that

Lin Waner wanted to make him happy, but he didn’t I don’t want to be troubled by this matter all the time, so I smiled and said, “Let her grow the leaves of the mother of Pucha. If you pick too many, you may not be able to sleep.” Lin Waner shook her head and said seriously, “As long as the young master is happy

. , the slave family has nothing to hate.”

charlie smiled knowingly and nodded slightly. He knew Lin Wan’er (Alani)’s thoughts and was a little moved in his heart. He always felt that it was a bit embarrassing for a big man to have a little girl to circle around and coax him. , so he said to her, “By the way, Miss Lin, Sara should not dare to touch Huaxia again in the short term. There will definitely be no risks in the future. What are your plans next?” Lin Wan’er (Alani) saw that charlie had already changed his mind

. topic, so he smiled and said”The slave family plans to go back to school, but then it will be a day school. Purple Mountain Villa will take care of the mother of Pucha every day. In addition, Lao Qiu may need to prepare a plane and go to Erlang Mountain in southern Yunnan on weekends to take care of the tea garden there. .”

charlie smiled and said, “That must be very busy.”

Lin Wan’er (Alani) nodded and said seriously, “It’s better to be busy. In fact, the slave family hasn’t been this busy for many years. In the past, I was always worried about being caught by Sara, so I didn’t dare to run around. In recent years, I have been living at home all day. Apart from playing with some porcelain, writing, and painting, I can do almost nothing. I even wanted to raise a small and cute Juanshan cow. Sara should feel oppressed in the future. I’ll be more relaxed and can be busy a little longer.”

Seeing Lin Wan’er (Alani)’s expectant look, charlie couldn’t help but feel happy for her.

charlie knows that for this little girl who has lived for more than three hundred years, the next period of time may be the period of least pressure for her except childhood. For her, even if she is busy, she will definitely be more stressed. happy.

Thinking of this, he felt that this trip to southern Yunnan was not in vain, and his mood eased a bit.

The two of them climbed up the second mountain step by step along the way they came. When they were halfway up, the altitude had already exceeded the peak where Qingzhao’an was located. Lin Wan’er (Alani) suddenly stopped and turned around. Looking at Qingzhao’an in the distance somewhat absentmindedly, he seemed to be thinking about something.

charlie saw her stopping and looking back with a thoughtful look on her face, so he asked her, “What is Miss Lin thinking about?”

Lin Wan’er (Alani) frowned slightly and whispered softly, “The slave family is thinking that the master’s wife told the slave family about Sara and Po Qinghui , talked about hatred, fate, and even an ancient Greek myth, but…but…”

charlie asked, “But what?”

Lin Wan’er (Alani) pursed her lips, her voice was a little louder, with a bit of doubt. Said, “But she only never told the slave family about Buddhism…”


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  1. Ok then
    Let’s turn back
    Another twists again
    Who ever that was trying to persuade Charlie to go back must be someone who was tied to Charlie past
    Still I believe Bruce n Lydia faked their death(mission impossible) they have their look alike ?

  2. Smart Ms Lin… Now, let the release to infinite quest and victory begin…
    How I wish Charlie and Alani will become a couple…. Sigh 🤔

    1. Sure! Yes lin wan er. You are good!!! Go and seek for changsheng willie. Because i think that group is on their way to the cave. Charlie and lin need to be fast.

  3. it looks like charlie and alani will come back, don’t talk about tea, why do those nuns know charlie, it looks like charlie’s parents have something to do with it, can’t wait for the next chapters, thank you lord leaf.👍

  4. Smart Lin Waner. No wonder she’s been able to hide from Sarah for many years. Is the translator trying to deceive us? He posted 3 chapters that are even shorter than the two chapters he’s been posting.

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