The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6128

When the two of them came down from Qingzhao Temple, charlie kept holding the agarwood bracelet in his hand. He wanted to know the meaning of the bracelet left for him, but after thinking about it, he still remained No explanation.

Let’s go by what Lin Wan’er (Alani) said. The twenty-eight beads on this bracelet represent her current age. The other party put the twenty-eight beads into the bracelet, knowing that Lin Wan’er (Alani) would notice something unusual and return to Qingzhao’an to investigate. After all, what message did you want to convey to yourself by deliberately leaving this bracelet to yourself?

In doubt, the two of them went down the mountain and climbed back up the mountain road again.

When we were going up the mountain again, we happened to meet some local old ladies. They were walking together and slowly walking down the mountain. Each of them was carrying a basket made of vines, and there were still some things in the basket. I put a lot of sesame oil, paper money and earthen incense.

Seeing this, Lin Waner stepped forward and asked politely, “Where are these old ladies going?”

One of the old ladies said, “I heard that Qingzhao Temple has reopened. Let’s go to Qingzhao Temple to worship Buddha and burn incense.”

Lin Waner was curious. Asked, “Has Qingzhao Nunnery been closed for a long time?”

The old lady nodded, “It has not been opened for about ten or twenty years. There are fewer and fewer people in the mountains, and there is no incense in the temple. All the former nuns have left. I heard yesterday The people in the village said that a new nun has arrived. Let’s go and pay our respects together.” Lin

Wan’er said quickly, “You guys better not go, the new nuns from Qingzhao Nunnery will also go. “

Leaved again?” Several old ladies looked disappointed. “Why did you leave just a few days ago?”

Lin Wan’er (Alani) said, “Maybe you think there is not much incense here.”

Several old ladies were a little slumped. Time is somewhat indecisive.

One of the old ladies said, “The nun is gone, but the Buddha statue is still there. We’ve all come here, why not go burn a few sticks of incense!”

Several other old ladies thought that this was indeed the case, so they agreed one after another.

When Lin Wan’er (Alani) saw that several people were worshiping Buddha sincerely, she didn’t persuade them any more and warned, “ThenPlease be safe, we’re leaving first. “

After bidding farewell to several old ladies, Lin Wan’er (Alani) said to charlie, “It seems that they came to Qingzhao’an temporarily. They probably arrived yesterday. “

charlie agreed and said, “It’s possible that he noticed that we were here, or that Sara was here, so he came over in advance to prepare. “

With that said, charlie added, “What is certain now is that they know both us and Sara very well, and maybe they are also monitoring us in some way at this moment. Lin

Wan’er sighed and said helplessly, “The mountains are higher than the mountains. If you have the opportunity to meet the person in charge behind them in the future, you must humbly ask her for advice.” “

At this moment.

On the highway leading from Shiwanda Mountain to the outside world, three inconspicuous Buick commercial vehicles are driving smoothly on the highway.

These vehicles all have license plates from Chuncheng, the capital of Southern Yunnan Province. , affiliated to a well-known car rental company in China.

Buick Business is the most well-known ordinary V model in China. It has a large market share and is relatively popular, so no matter where you see it, it will not be eye-catching. , very low-key, and no one would associate the people who ride this car with wealth.

However, apart from the fact that the car logo is still Buick, these three Buick business cars have nothing to do with Buick. After the system transformation, power, safety, privacy, and comfort have all undergone qualitative changes. At

this time, the person driving the second Buick business car was the one who stopped charlie and Lin Wan’er (Alani) at the foot of the mountain. A young nun, and the one sitting in the passenger seat is the old master.

Sitting on the second row of seats behind the master,


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