The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6129

is the middle-aged woman called Madam. The bracelet that charlie is twisting in her hand is the one she left at Qingzhao’an.

At this time, the master looked back at the middle-aged woman and asked respectfully, “Madam, what are our arrangements next?”

The madam was looking out the window in a daze. When she heard the question, she said, “Let’s go to Aurous Hill. I’ll go to Aurous Hill with you.” As before, I will stay at Qixia Temple for the time being. You two will also come with me. After arriving at Aurous Hill, don’t show your face.” “

Okay!” The master nodded lightly and said, “Then I will inform the abbot.”

After that, , the master asked again, “By the way, madam, which girl do you want to get in touch with next? I’ll see if I can find an opportunity.”

The madam raised her eyebrows and said with a smile, “Who do you want to meet… I really want to meet her. Nanako Ito, among these girls, she is the most promising to enter the Tao.”

The master smiled slightly, “Then I will try to arrange it.”

The lady nodded, He chuckled and said, “She seems to be studying martial arts in the Champs Elysees?”

“Yes.” The master said, “With her, there are Xion and Aurora.”

The madam said, “The talents of these two girls are not as good as Compared with Ito Nanako, unless there is a great opportunity, there is no chance of becoming a Taoist.”

The master couldn’t help but said with some worry, “Madam, Ito Nanako is Japanese after all, if she really becomes a Taoist, will there be any risks?”

The madam shook her head. “Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter which country she is from. What matters is whether her character is upright and where her heart is. If her character is bad and her heart is heretical, what does it matter if she is Chinese?” He paused

. After a pause, the madam added, “It seems that this girl’s conduct is impeccable, and her heart is no longer in Japan.” The master’s brows

widened and she said with a smile, “Madam is right, she belongs to Too much worry.”

> The madam nodded and asked her, “By the way, how do you feel about Lin Wan’er (Alani) when you saw her today?”

The master sighed, “I feel that even if Lin Wan’er (Alani) stands in front of me, I can’t tell the slightest bit of age.” Wei Wen has lived for more than three hundred years and still looks and feels like a young girl, which is really enviable…”

After saying that, the Master added, “However, she can always give her subordinates a vague and unfathomable feeling. “

The madam smiled and said, “Without any cultivation, but able to escape Sara’s pursuit for more than three hundred years, and at the same time survive intact in a world of great changes, Lin Wan’er (Alani)’s mind must be far beyond ordinary people.” “Actually, I was born very early

. We knew about her existence, but just like Sara, we could never find any clues about her until she was betrayed by her servants in Northern Europe. This shows that she is smarter than we thought.” The teacher couldn’t help but

ask “Then will she guess your identity in the future?”

Madam said, “Definitely, as long as we have contact with them later, it is just a matter of time.”

The teacher asked quickly, “Madam, are you ready?” “?”

Madam shook her head, “Not yet, so we have to be extra cautious in the future and not leave any clues.”

The teacher nodded and said, “Madam, we will be at the airport in about forty minutes. The crew will be on standby at any time. You How about the route arrangement?” The

madam looked slightly moved and asked, “Where are they?”

The master knew that the madam was asking about charlie and Lin Wan’er (Alani), so she quickly said, “Their plane is also in Yongzhou, and they will probably fly directly to Yongzhou later.” Fly to Aurous Hill.”

The lady nodded, pondered for a moment, and said, “Then we should be more cautious and fly to Eastcliff first. After arriving in Eastcliff, we will change a plane and then fly to Aurous Hill. We still cannot take it lightly in front of Lin Wan’er (Alani). This time we will fly directly to Eastcliff. Contacting her is tantamount to telling them that we have been observing secretly, and they will only be more cautious in the future.”


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  1. Ahhh
    Told you all in my last comment
    Nananko n Lin Warner is the best for Charlie
    And also Nananko way of practicing Taoist will also help Charlie to break in the Niwan palace …
    So this lady master is tracking down Charlie movement
    So they know that ( some sort of prophecy) that one day dragon Phoenix will born to
    Bruce n Lydia ( Christianity n Buddhist) ..
    And so far master might be ( lydia) or someone that Bruce n Lydia befriended many years ago?
    Also just follow the money trail…
    Whatever organization you all need money ..lots of money to survive
    There you might have to rely on Fei and may be young miss Bank
    To track down etc.
    Also please include AN family
    They slap have very good reasoning etc..n we still have unfinished business with the last aunty husband ( playing member )
    So please lord leaf you have to come up better with more then two chapters a day
    Anyway I still believe Bruce n Lydia faked their death

    1. This seems reasonable. Even I feel that its Charlie’s mother helping him.

      Author, please add more chapters and you must do better. Adding 2 chapters is very less.

  2. So madam is lydia, master is bruce. They just faked their deaths. And they have been following their son and are happy to see him ascend. 😀

  3. I think actually the party didn’t want charlie to proceed to changmeng place because the obstacles that Sara went thru to get there. But thats all charlie can pass easily with his ability. The party only didnt know what gonna be happened if changmeng released by charlie. Tbey afraid changsheng will kill charlie becoz charlie is the dragon. Only charlie can expand changsheng life. Or maybe the party afraid that changsheng will take over charlie body by niwan palace nutsu..

    1. Very interesting! So madam is Ava, master is Bruce, so who is the young nun? Could she be Charlie’s younger sister born after they faked their death? More chapters please and thanks.

  4. It’s gonna be a long story, it looks like Ito Nanako would be the first to open the Niwan Palace as for the Madam I never believe it was Charlie’s Mom.

  5. I said from the beginning that Charlie’s mom & dad was alive. If Bruce was smart enough to hide Charlie, he knew the Earl was coming. I believe Bruce traded off will Will, that’s how will got so much money. Remember money was not a problem for Willie. Sara never trust Willie. We will follow the direction of the author.

    1. i’m beglnning to hardly analyze the story, wrong pronouns, so many twists, so many surprised characters, it’s not amazing story anymore!

  6. Dear writer I will like to say just one thing that is u should update the story at a certain time so that we readers will not have to weight for the hole day for the updates please consider my request thank you

  7. I would really like to thank you for the updates but please in the future can you use the right pronouns and appropriate grammar.

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