The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6130

When charlie Wade and Lin Wan’er (Alani) rushed to Yongzhou Airport, a private plane just took off from Yongzhou Airport and headed for Eastcliff.

Every day, many private jets and business jets from leasing companies fly to Eastcliff, the capital, from provincial capitals. Therefore, this plane did not attract any special attention.

The wade family’s Gulfstream plane has also been waiting here for a long time. After charlie Wade and Lin Wan’er (Alani) passed the security check and boarded the plane smoothly, the captain immediately applied to the tower to take off and headed for Aurous Hill.

When the plane took off, charlie Wade was still twirling the bracelet made of agarwood. After the silence during the takeoff and climb, charlie Wade suddenly asked Lin Wan’er (Alani), “Ms. Lin, is that teacher’s wife you saw today?” , apart from urging me to turn back, did you ever tell me when I can enter the Hundred Thousand Mountains again?” 

Lin Waner shook her head and said, “The Master only said that the Hundred Thousand Mountains are too dangerous. The young master must not go there, but he did not say when he can go again. Perhaps, to be on the safe side, the young master will never be able to go there again.” “Why?”

charlie Wade murmured, “She said there is danger there, but it is dangerous. No matter how high you go, there is a limit. Now that I am not strong enough, that place is like a mountain of swords and a sea of ​​fire to me. If I improve my strength in the future, it may be like walking on flat ground for me.” Lin Waner said firmly, “Young master, the slave

family I feel that the young master should not think about returning to the Hundred Thousand Mountains for a long time in the future. Instead of wasting his attention on the Hundred Thousand Mountains, the young master should think carefully about how to find opportunities to break through and conquer the mud. Maru Palace is completely opened.”

charlie Wade asked, “After Niwan Palace is opened, can I go back to Shiwandashan?”

Lin Wan’er (Alani) shook her head, “The slave family feels that even if Niwan Palace is opened, I can’t go back, because the young master can’t go back if Niwan Palace is opened. She is just barely qualified to fight Sara, and the chance of winning is extremely low. If she wants to return to Shiwan Mountain, she must at least surpass Sara first.”

In Lin Wan’er (Alani)’s view, although the master teacher was fake, what she said was The words must be true.

charlie Wade couldn’t go to Shiwandashan. It was most likely that Meng Changsheng (Willie the 1st) had some conspiracy that had been brewing for hundreds of years and was waiting for him.

Perhaps Meng Changsheng (Willie the 1st) was really like the mother of Pucha, finding another way to escape the fate of death. Maybe he was just like the mother of Pucha, waiting for an opportunity.Will be reborn.

Or maybe, the key to his rebirth lies in charlie Wade.

However, unlike the Mother of Pucha, the rebirth of the Mother of Pucha requires the help of charlie Wade’s Heavenly Thunder, and after its rebirth, it will also be used by charlie Wade.


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