The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6131

But Meng Changsheng (Willie the 1st) will never be as passive as the mother of Pucha. He has lived for a thousand years, and he deliberately leaves himself a chance to be reborn. He will never let himself become a tool or foil for others.

Although the false master was too vague, Lin Wan’er (Alani) speculated that the most likely possibility was that Master Meng Changsheng (Willie the 1st) was looking for an opportunity to turn against the guest and seize charlie Wade’s body, as in the legend.

Thinking back to what charlie Wade said before, his father had studied the Shenglongge back then, but Lin Wan’er (Alani) herself only speculated about the existence of the Shenglongge, but did not understand the mystery, so she said to charlie Wade, “Sir, The Nu family thinks that the Young Master and the Nu family have several urgent matters when they return to Aurous Hill this time. I wonder if the Young Master is willing to listen to the Nu family to elaborate?”

charlie Wade said, “Miss Lin, please tell me.”

Lin Waner said eloquently, “Sara has temporarily retreated. The Young Master’s top priority is Find a way to open the Niwan Palace, and the top priority of the slave family is to find a way to deduce what the meaning of Shenglongge is, and why this word is always entangled with the young master. If we can figure out the whole story, maybe many things will make sense. “Explanation.”

charlie Wade nodded in agreement, but couldn’t help but sigh, “Opening the Niwan Palace is easy to say, but I don’t know how to get started. I don’t have any good way to improve my cultivation now. “Nine Xuantian” There are many knowledge points and complicated contents in the Sutra, but there is no truly systematic method of cultivating Taoism. Although I have continued to improve my strength through elixir refining, the elixirs have also reached their bottleneck period at the moment. Although Peiyuan Dan is good, , but blindly taking Peiyuan Pill cannot systematically improve my cultivation and strength…”

Lin Wan’er (Alani) asked in surprise, “The Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scripture is so powerful, but there is no cultivation method in it?”

” Yes…” charlie Wade sighed and said

“The “Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scriptures” is more like a primary instruction manual for those who are new to the world of monasticism. There are too many things recorded in it, but a large part of it has nothing to do with monasticism. It’s not big, but it has a deep relationship with martial arts. There are dozens or hundreds of complete martial arts mental methods, but there is no complete cultivation method…”

Lin Wan’er (Alani) heard this and couldn’t help but said, “This is it. For example, the textbook knowledge and extracurricular knowledge of elementary and middle schools are written into one book, and then some first-year college content is added. For elementary and middle school students, this book is unparalleled, but for college students, it is very useful. It’s not very big.”

“Yes.” charlie Wade nodded and continued, “The key is, I only know the first year of college, and my horizons only reach the first year of college. I don’t know how many grades there are in the university, and I don’t know what is behind the university. What, there may be masters, doctors, academicians, and even Nobel Prize winners behind the university, but I have no idea about these.”

Lin Waner murmured, “It is absolutely impossible for someone to leave behind the “Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scriptures” It’s only the first year of college, but he deliberately didn’t write down the content after the first year of college. It’s probably intentional.” “Yes.”

charlie Wade said, “Before the Po Qing Conference appeared, I always thought that “Nine The content in “Xuan Tian Jing” is all about spiritual energy. As for opening the Niwan Palace, it only gave a vague general idea. It gave me the feeling that if I opened the Niwan Palace, I could soar from the ground. But after the Po Qing Association appeared, I gradually understood that opening the Niwan Palace was just the first hurdle in cultivation. Just like Sara, although she had opened the Niwan Palace, she still could not change her Yangshou from 500 to 500. The years continue to rise. From this point alone, we can see that her strength is far behind Meng Changsheng (Willie the 1st) back then.”


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