The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6132

Lin Wan’er (Alani) thought for a moment and said, “It seems that if you want to go further, you need to take the initiative.” Find other opportunities.”

“Opportunities?” charlie Wade asked her, “You mean, we should go out and see more?”

“That’s right.” Lin Wan’er (Alani) nodded and said calmly, “The slave family feels that Aurous Hill is just a shoal to the young master. Although the young master has overcome the dilemma of the dragon trapped in the shoal, the shoal is still a shoal, and the dragon is still in the shoal. , but I am not trapped here, but stay here voluntarilyComing here and staying in Aurous Hill will definitely not be a good thing for the young master’s cultivation path. “

When charlie Wade heard this, he couldn’t help but think of Qiu Zhiyuan, Abbas’s master, and the story that Mrs. Jiang told him about the five hundred years before Meng Changsheng (Willie the 1st) practiced Taoism. Qiu Zhiyuan was never able to break through the dark realm,

so Only then did he decide to join the world to look for opportunities, and Meng Changsheng (Willie the 1st) also spent a long time looking for opportunities when his first five hundred years were approaching.

It seems that the bottleneck of cultivation is inevitable for both warriors and monks. The only way to go.

When you can’t get a breakthrough in a fixed environment, you need to change the environment and find a breakthrough. At

this time, Lin Wan’er (Alani) on the side saw charlie Wade was silent for a long time, so she said, “Master, although the slave family doesn’t have Although there is little cultivation, the slave family feels that the logic of finding a breakthrough is very similar to the gold rush in the United States. “

charlie Wade asked curiously, “Why is it so metaphorical? “

Lin Wan’er (Alani) said, “A gold digger will always be migrating before he finds gold. He cannot restrain himself in an unchanging small environment, because sooner or later, he will know everything about this small environment. He knows it by heart. After he has panned every river and stream in this small environment and knows that there is no gold in his environment, he must leave here and go to a new environment to continue searching. “

Said, Lin Wan’er (Alani) added, “Looking for opportunities. In fact, sometimes it’s more like after all the uncertain factors around you have been gradually determined, you can only go to an unfamiliar environment to find some new uncertain factors, and then solve them one by one. , and see if you can get what you want;” “

It’s like the blind boxes in one store have been disassembled, but if you haven’t dismantled the style you want, you can only change to another store and continue to dismantle it until you have it. “

charlie Wade nodded in agreement and said, “I met Mrs. Jiang, got the Phoenix Bone Vine, met you, and got that ring. They were all opportunities I got after leaving Aurous Hill…” Lin Wan’er (Alani) said, “That’s it

. Speaking of which, the young master needs to go out and take a look from time to time. “


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  1. I think the writer has just added another 2-yrs to our reading lol. Just when I thought we were on a home straight.
    I love the story but it has to come to an end at some stage.

  2. The story has challenged our minds, it has been a cultivation for myself as a reader. The bracelet is a gift to Charlie that represents every year of his life. He must visit the old lady again she will know the answers behind the bracelet. Sara will not make any moves for awhile. There so many questions and answers to be told. Another good read.

    1. The shortcut answer is charlie need to go to changsheng meng cave. He need to see the old man. That changsheng meng is his breakthrough.

  3. Charlie must encounter more problems to go ahead. Where to look for troubles back to Elaine and Joseph maybe. Time to leave Wañ’er for awhile and go back to Claire.
    More chapters please and thank you.

  4. More travel, more beautiful girls. Welcome all. I dont understand how the author could have thought abt so much story before hand.

  5. nothing is going well…by these twists and turns, thinking to poor Claire that she will have to be aware of everything that her husband is doing or else he will have to divorce her and marry another adventurous woman.

  6. Charlie will go back to Aurous Hill and meet Nanako for some breakthrough. She will teach Charlie how to open the Niwan Palace.

  7. It appears at this stage that the plot is simply a tip of an iceberg. Now Lin advices Charlie to embark on a journey which will facilitate his breakthrough. Where will he go and what kind of adventure will he encounter? Let us wait for the next updates. Hat off to the author to his brilliant planning…

  8. The story need an ending
    This seems like coronation streets / young n restless/ general hospital
    We are reading a book…so more or less Charlie did kill the person who killed his parents. So next step is to kill the person who order the kill.
    Can we just have an ending to that ..
    And the. Next adventure
    Charlie need to raise a family ..we need to see little juniors running up n down
    And may be Bruce n Lydia teaching their grandchildren ..home schooling ..

  9. the writer twist so many things its been 2 yrs. i have been reading this book. 😂😂 no ending. so many characters. come on give us a good ending. how many chapters we need to have a good ending.

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