The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6135

charlie hummed and said, “Let’s live in the old house. Prepare two guest rooms. I have a friend with me.”

Stephen Thompson said respectfully, “Okay! ” Master, do you have any other instructions? “

charlie said, “No more, that’s all.

Stephen Thompson said, “Okay, young master, I’ll wait for you at the old house. ” “

at the same time.

The plane that took off earlier has landed at Eastcliff Airport.

The wheel has justAfter touching the ground, the false teacher immediately reported to the middle-aged beautiful woman, “Madam, their plane changed direction in the air. According to the information from the air traffic control, they temporarily changed the route and diverted to Eastcliff. “

Flying to Eastcliff?” Madam frowned and murmured, “Why did they suddenly change their route in the air?” The

fake master asked quickly, “Could it be that we were exposed?”

Madam pondered for a moment and said solemnly, “Exposed should be No, all surveillance on the return journey has been circumvented, and no one can trace our route from Qingzhao Temple to Yongzhou Airport.” As she said,

she suddenly remembered something and said, “I guess they are going to the Wade family’s old house!”

After saying that, she quickly asked, “Is Stephen Thompson in Eastcliff?”

The fake teacher said, “I have not contacted Butler Tang recently. Madam, wait a moment, I will confirm with him.”

After saying that, she immediately He took out his cell phone and called Stephen Thompson.

As soon as the phone call came through, Stephen Thompson’s cautious voice came over. His voice was very low and he asked very respectfully, “Sister Sun, why did you call me suddenly?” The fake master said, “Steward Tang, Madam asked

me I’m asking if you are in Eastcliff at the moment.”

“My subordinate is here!” Stephen Thompson said hurriedly, “I wonder what Madam’s orders are?” The

fake master said, “Housekeeper Tang, wait a moment.”

After saying that, she looked at the middle-aged woman, She said, “Madam, Butler Stephen  is in Eastcliff at the moment.”

Madam nodded and said, “Okay, let’s change the itinerary later. We won’t go to Aurous Hill today. We will go to Yonghe Palace immediately after getting off the plane and give Butler Tang an hour. Meet me at Yonghe Palace later.”

The false master said respectfully, “I obey!”

After saying that, she asked Stephen Thompson on the phone, “Has Butler Tang heard it?”

Stephen Thompson said extremely respectfully, “My subordinates listen. arrive!”

After saying this, Stephen Thompson paused slightly and said in a low voice, “Sister Sun, could you please tell Madam that the young master is already on his way to Eastcliff!”


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    1. Yes, Stephen thomp knows everything….. whats charlie reaction if he found out his subordinates hiding very important info from him.

  1. Stephen is that old brat that needs a beating
    Who is sister sun by the way and what’s this master servant relation, Stephen sounds like a kid in front of them and he even exposed his young master , i just hope Charlie doesn’t feel betrayed

    1. Stephen might be following Bruce’s order before he died. Note that his master is Bruce not Charlie. Bruce’s order is greater than Charlie’s.

  2. who is this old witch that even stephen thompson looks scared of her, if what this old woman said is correct that he was even before sara and lyn then it is unclear that this is charlie’s mother.

  3. THe Madam is impossible to be Charlie’s mother as his grandfather, the Old An isn’t more than 400 years old yet. So how’s it could be Lydia (Ava)? the madam is also mysterious but only Stephen Thompson is the key to the new chapter of Charlie’s life journey to open the Naiwan Palace. Thank you Admin for the update.

  4. There is a twist on the character of Lydia if she is that madam, Bruce has not been visible. Can’t wait for Nanako to be back on the spotlight

  5. Who is this mysterious madam who also called Stephen the wade family butler.. will this mysterious madam & Charlie meet in old house of the Wade family ? Suspense & very thrilling . More chapters pls

  6. Here we are again faced with twists at every turn in the story.
    I love the suspense.
    You will do a great job to get us more updates.

  7. Again Bruce n Lydia faked their death.
    If Bruce has the intelligence to hide Charlie 20 years ago then I don’t see why they can’t fake their death( they can use substitute) etc.
    As for the tracking n Morden technology n money sure Lydia has friend’s in Tec industry ( from her university day) assisting her….
    What can Charlie find in the old house?
    Will he meet the Sun Family ?
    Onto the chapters 10000 and doubt we see the ending of this book anytime soon

  8. I have a theory that the final villain is not sara but meng, and meng already passed away when he bid farewell to sara and lins father and when lydia and bruce found the secrets of longebity, bruce was possessed by the spirit of meng, and lydia escaped, thats why sara heard her masters voice in the temple because he is possessing bruce wade ‘s body all along, thats why lydia warned charlie not to go there, anyways it’a just a random theory to spice up the story, cant wait to find out the truth sooner or later,

    1. Good theory. Charlie’s father was smart enough to hide Charlie for twenty years. Nobody could find him. Willie became rich after the accident. Remember money was not problem for him. Sara couldn’t trust him, he had all in intentions of killing the An family and follow her orders.

    2. Partly agree but I very much doubt Meng is a villain( bad guy).
      I kind of get your theory @ possessed in Harry Potter …lord Voldemort (Tim Riley) possessed a handful People to manipulate etc…
      I doubt this @ Meng

    3. Hey Hint, I guess your POV is more suitable as because we haven’t seen Bruce till now and only know that there is a madam who might be Charlie’s mother and if what you said that Bruce body might have been captured by Men chengsheng’s soul and trying to breakthrough.
      But also according to what we know till now Meng Chengsheng was a good person so it might also be possible that meng chengsheng is alive and he was the one who gave the Nine Profound heavenly scriptures to Bruce and Lydia and asked them to give it to charlie indirectly so that he can enter the cultivation path and take over his legacy.
      As Meng Chengsheng was so much old so he might have deep understanding of prediction and he might have predicted the birth of charlie who was a true ascending dragon fate and how he will rise and also he might be the one to trap Charlie in the Dragon shoal formation which made Charlie more stable through out the years by continuous tormenting and making his will power strong and to have a good heart which would not be a threat to the world in the future.

      1. there is no way to prove that meng really is good or bad in that matter, based from sara’s discription meng only help them when he realized that his very long cultivation might be disturbed by outsiders when sara and assif was chased by the qing, nad he only kill those guys because he was offended by provoking him, also before after charlie saves the grandmother from mexico after he came in thier house in the mountains he only discovered that meng was the benefactor of her family before, isnt it a pretty obvious act that meng only return when her father died, not before, anyways it is just a random theory and meng’s voice did say that sara was an evil diciple because she didnt really follow her masters orders, we will soon fond out 🙂

  9. So Charlie has been carefully groomed for a long time.
    The nine heavenly book he found in the vase @ jasmine ‘s antique shop is now a setup
    It was all planted by Bruce and Lydia
    So let us have the happy ending but from the past reading experience am sure it will drag on until next year for Charlie just to meet ( so called Madam)
    If Stephen Thompson is hand select by Bruce then we all know that Madam has to be Lydia…
    Stephen Thompson will not serve two master.Period….

  10. If charlie parents still alive then why they let charlie in danger when the esplosion happened by willie niwan.
    And again who is the dead bodies in the car and they buried at the wade family mountain.

  11. Thank you all for the insightful guesses.. I enjoy this roller coaster ride like everyone but the comments are just as good as the chapters. Especially when we get suspenseful chapters like these one!! Good job avid readers way to keep the time less stressful waiting on 2 chapters a day

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