The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6160

charlie sent the photo to Arman on WeChat, and then attached a voice message, “Uncle Arman, please help me take a look. Do you know this person next to my father?” 

Arman quickly sent him a voice message back, “Master, I have met the man in the photo before. His English name is eter, eter·chou, Peter Zhou. However, I am not very familiar with him. I only know that he is a A Chinese antique dealer who has a close relationship with your father.”

As soon as charlie heard that Arman said he knew this person, he immediately called him. As soon as the phone call came through, he quickly asked, “Uncle Arman, could you please introduce me to him in detail? This is Peter Zhou.”

Arman said, “Peter Zhou’s family has been engaged in antique business overseas. The main business is concentrated in Europe and the United States. In addition to the United States, it is the United Kingdom and France. His family is somewhat famous in the European and American antique industry.”

With that said, Arman added, “The photo you sent is of Peter Zhou’s store in New York. It is said that this store is the first store opened by the Zhou family, so the store is quite small and inconspicuous.” charlie

asked He said, “Uncle Arman, when was the last time you saw Peter Zhou?”

Arman said, “It must have been a long time. When I opened a roast goose shop in Chinatown, he came to visit a few times, but then he seemed to I’m not in New York anymore, so I have no contact.” 

said, Arman asked curiously, “Master, are you planning to find Peter Zhou?”

charlie said calmly, “I plan to When you go to New York, first go to this antique store to take a look. It would be great if you can find this Peter Zhou.”

Arman said without thinking, “Master, let me go with you. After all, I am familiar with New York. Besides, I’ve also met Peter several times.”

charlie asked him, “Is it convenient for Uncle Arman’s time?”

“Convenient, convenient.” Arman said quickly, “I should have gone to Aurous Hill to report to the young master. I have been with my family these days, and the things at home have been settled.” charlie thought for a moment, and said, “That’s good too

. “About what time can Uncle Arman leave?”

Arman said, “I can do it at any time, just today. I’ll do it now.”Just look at the air tickets. “

charlie smiled and said, “Uncle Arman, there is no need to go to such trouble. I will ask Liu Jiahui to arrange a private plane for you to take you to Aurous Hill. We will meet in Aurous Hill then. 

Arman coughed twice and said awkwardly, “Master, the house we live in and all expenses are arranged by Mr. Liu. I will go to Aurous Hill alone and buy a plane ticket. I’d better not bother Mr. Liu.” “

charlie smiled slightly and said seriously, “Uncle Arman, Liu Jiahui owes you these. You don’t have to be polite to him. Besides, I don’t know Liu Jiahui very well. He is just a car parked on an uphill slope. For a car with a handbrake, not only must the handbrake not be loosened for a moment, but it must also be inspected every now and then. If there is even the slightest sign of slackening, it must be tightened, otherwise the car will definitely roll backwards if given the slightest chance. “

Arman said with a smile, “I think… I think he has done enough…”

charlie said firmly, “Uncle Arman, I will arrange this matter, so you don’t have to worry. Seeing this, 

Arman had no choice but to say, “Then I will listen to the young master.” “

charlie said, “I’m still in Yanjing now. I’ll leave for Aurous Hill later. I still have some things to do in Aurous Hill. I’m expected to take off from Aurous Hill to New York tonight. Uncle Arman, don’t worry. Just pack your things and clean up your home. After settling in, just go to the airport to fly to Aurous Hill in the evening. We will meet directly at the airport.

“Okay, young master! ” Arman said simply, “Let’s see you tonight.” “

After making an agreement with Arman, charlie directly called Liu Jiahui.

On the phone, charlie asked him to arrange a private plane to take Arman to Aurous Hill at nine o’clock tonight, and also asked him to arrange a motorcade to take him from Arman’s home. Delivered to the airport.

Although Liu Jiahui was not happy, he did not dare to refute. He could only agree with a smile.


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