The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6163

also revealed everything about Stephen Thompson.

Everyone was shocked when they heard that charlie was persuaded to return by the false master of Qingzhao Temple.

They also didn’t expect that charlie’s strength was so unpredictable that there were people who had seen his movements in advance and were waiting on the way to the mountain.

What’s even more unexpected is that bruce’s old subordinate, Stephen Thompson, who has been silently guarding charlie for nearly twenty years, actually has another owner. After

hearing what charlie said, his uncle Asher asked in disbelief, “charlie, then Stephen Thompson really just disappeared from the world?” “

Yes.” charlie nodded, “The phone has been turned off, and the whereabouts of the person are unknown.”

“Oh my God…” Asher said fearfully after a while, “This Stephen Thompson is really hidden deep enough! Although I don’t know who he is. , but fortunately he and the master behind him have no ill intentions towards you, charlie, otherwise, the consequences would be really unimaginable!”

Mr. An couldn’t help but frown, “I have heard about Stephen Thompson before. Through my understanding in all aspects, He is absolutely loyal to Bruce, how could he have another master…”

charlie was also puzzled, and said, “I have been in contact with Butler Tang for a long time, and I have never seen anything wrong, and now I don’t I can’t think of a clue.”

Li Yalin, who had been silent for a long time, said at this time, “Mr. wade, do you still have the photo album you found when you went to Eastcliff this time?” “

Yes.” charlie took the photo album out of his bag and handed it to everyone. In front of him, he said, “I asked my grandfather, and he said that this photo album was not in the study before. It must have been left by Butler Tang.” Everyone opened the photo

album and saw the group photo of charlie’s parents. Everyone in the An family had red eyes.

When they saw Peter Zhou again, no one in the An family recognized him. Even Detective Li Yalin, who had been solving crimes in New York for many years, had never heard of this figure.

Li Yalin said at this time, “Mr. wade, as soon as you arrived at Shiwanda Mountain, you were persuaded by the fake Master Tai.Later, when I arrived in Eastcliff, Butler Tang prepared this photo album for you. I always felt that the same person should be behind these two things. “

charlie nodded and said, “I feel the same way, but Butler Tang has disappeared and I can’t find any clear clues now. “

Li Yalin sighed, “It seems that this person’s strength should not be underestimated. Not only can this person have insight into Mr. wade’s behavior, but he can also poach Mr. wade’s father’s confidants for his own use. More importantly, this person is here with Mr. Ye. He didn’t leave any clues, and it’s very likely that Po Qinghui won’t be able to find any trace of him. Since his opponent is also Poqinghui, Mr. wade doesn’t have to be too troubled. Based on my speculation, this is definitely a friend, not an enemy. , overall a good thing. “

charlie said with a helpless smile, “The only clue has been broken, and I will no longer be troubled by him. I believe that when the time is right, he will naturally come out of the darkness to meet me. “

After that, charlie changed the subject and said, “By the way, grandpa, I have a friend who can find a connection and ask the official to endorse Anjia. However, since it is an official endorsement, there must be real economic cooperation. If you are willing, , you can make more investments in China, and my friend can strive for the highest level of strategic cooperation for Anjia. In this way, with official endorsement, Poqing will never dare to do anything to your family in China. I don’t know what you think. How about next?

An Qishan blurted out without hesitation, “Of course, no problem! ” It is not a long-term solution to keep hiding like this. Once the highest level of economic cooperation can be achieved, it will be equivalent to getting a talisman, and the An family can act openly in China. By then, the An family can gradually shift the focus of its business from the United States By moving to China, you can also contribute to the development of China!

Seeing that his grandfather had no objections, charlie said, “Grandpa, if your time is convenient, I will ask that friend to go to Eastcliff with you as soon as possible to discuss the details of the investment, and to finalize and announce the details of this strategic cooperation as soon as possible. ” To the public. “

Okay!” An Qishan agreed excitedly and blurted out, “I can go at any time!” And the sooner the better! “


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    Both of them has a good solution method .they are just shock with so many things happening ..once they analyse then they will.realise that the only person that can overide Bruce is no.other then Lydia …

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