The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6164

In the afternoon, An Qishan, accompanied by his eldest son Asher and his second son Homula, secretly went to Eastcliff with Sun Zhidong (Meir).

charlie did not return to Tang Chen Yipin’s home immediately, but went to his villa next door, and then called Hong Tianshi Hong Changqing, who was in charge of martial arts teaching here, and asked him to notify Isaac Cameron and Don Albert to come here to meet him.

Originally, charlie was even a little worried whether Isaac Cameron would suddenly disappear for no reason.

After all, Stephen Thompson, as the chief steward of the entire wade family, had someone else behind him. So Isaac Cameron, as the spokesperson of the wade family in Aurous Hill and as Stephen Thompson’s direct subordinate, was probably deliberately arranged by someone.

But fortunately, Isaac Cameron is still at the Champs Elysées.

The moment he saw Isaac Cameron, charlie felt a little relieved.

Frankly speaking, he felt a little disappointed knowing that Stephen Thompson had another owner.

On the one hand, Stephen Thompson was once his father’s most loyal subordinate. Although he was not qualified to make him loyal to the wade family, his behavior did leave charlie with a slight psychological gap; on the other hand, charlie

‘s Stephen Thompson had almost unconditional trust before. After all, he had protected him for so many years. After coming to Aurous Hill to meet him, he had always supported him unconditionally.

However, only today did he know that the person he really worked for was not the wade family, nor himself. How could charlie not feel disappointed. 

What he is most afraid of now is that there are other people around him like Stephen Thompson, and he is most afraid that the mysterious person has been planting various spies around him.

Isaac Cameron and Don Albert were both met by him when he first took back his identity as the young master of the wade family, and they were also two subordinates he trusted very much. If there were problems with them, it would definitely be a bigger blow to charlie.

More than ten minutes later, Isaac Cameron and Don Albert, who were practicing martial arts here, jogged all the way to charlie’s villa.

After entering the door, Isaac Cameron said very respectfully, “Master, when did you come back? Why didn’t you notify us?” “

Yes, Master Wade!” Don Albert also said quickly, “You inform us, and we can pick you up at the airport. !”

charlie smiled slightly, waved his hand and said, “I will only stay for one day when I come back this time, and I have to leave at night, so I didn’t notify others.”

Isaac Cameron asked curiously, “Master, where are you going in such a hurry?”

“Let’s go there . America.” charlie said casually, and then asked Isaac Cameron, “Old isaac, do you know much about Butler?” When

saying this, charlie quietly exerted some spiritual energy and gave Isaac Cameron a psychological hint to let him do everything. Answer truthfully.

“Butler ?” Isaac Cameron didn’t feel anything unusual. He just thought about it and said truthfully, “Back to the young master, although Butler  is my direct boss, after all, there are spokespersons for the wade family in every province and municipality, including many overseas, so I am just one of the hundreds of spokespersons for the wade family. In the past, I could only meet Butler Tang during the annual work report meeting, so I didn’t have much contact.”

charlie nodded lightly. It seems that Isaac Cameron and Stephen Thompson are not in the same boat. people.

charlie used the same method and asked Don Albert, “Don Albert, before you met me, did you know Stephen Thompson?” “

No…” Don Albert shook his head repeatedly, mocking himself and said, “Master Wade, before I met you, I didn’t know you.” He is just an old young and Dangerous boy with some reputation in Aurous Hill. Even Mr. isaac and I can’t compare to him, let alone the chief butler of the wade family…”


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