The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6169

I have been putting pressure on myself. If I follow charlie’s words and really ask charlie for money, wouldn’t I be completely embarrassed?

Seeing that he hesitated for a long time but did not speak, charlie felt helpless and simply stopped worrying about him. He directly followed Jacob’s words and said, “Dad, thank you for your concern. I will pay attention to safety. Nothing else.” I have to pack my things first, and I will leave for the airport later.”

They borrowed the donkey from the lower slope, but Jacob was always the donkey who was slipped down from the upper slope. Elaine blocked his exit with a few words , he could only slide all the way down Elaine’s slope. This was his character weakness and the key to Elaine’s control of him.

charlie also knew that his nature was hard to change, so he didn’t give him any more chances. After saying this, he turned around and entered the elevator.

Jacob felt so uncomfortable when he saw charlie going upstairs.

Looking at Elaine’s triumphant smile, he felt like he was worse off than dead.

charlie who went upstairs couldn’t help but sigh in his heart, when will his father-in-law Jacob be able to break through the hesitation and weakness in his psychology, and when will he be able to truly live the way he wants.

After everything was packed, charlie left home alone at night, planning to drive to the airport.

As soon as he took the elevator to the first floor, he saw his father-in-law, Jacob, holding a cigarette in his mouth. He stood up from the sofa and said with a smile, “Good son-in-law, are you leaving now?” charlie nodded slightly, “Yes, dad.

” , Let’s go to the airport now.”

Jacob rubbed his hands and was about to say something when Elaine suddenly limped down the stairs and said loudly, “Oh my good son-in-law, Mom is here to see you off!” After getting

one million, Elaine and Jacob, who missed out on one million, both wanted to send charlie out.

Jacob wanted to find an opportunity to mention it to charlie in a subtle way.Talking about the fact that his own funds are relatively tight, let’s see if charlie can give himself a million or so with a wave of his hand.

Jacob, when he wants a pillow when he is dozing, he will never say that he wants it. On the contrary, if he wants it, he has to insist that it doesn’t matter or even say that he doesn’t want it, and then he hopes in his heart that others will take the initiative to give him a pillow. The kind of person who can’t even open his mouth when begging for food, hoping that the chicken drumsticks will fall from the sky and just hit the bowl.

To put it mildly, it sounds reserved and reserved; to put it harshly, it means that you are thinking nonsense.

Elaine knew Jacob’s character and knew how to control him and block his way out. She was worried that Jacob would pretend to be pitiful in front of charlie and try to steal charlie’s money while seeing him off, so she specially Waiting for charlie to go out to disrupt Jacob’s plan.

As soon as Jacob’s words of crying came to his lips, when he saw Elaine suddenly appeared, he immediately swallowed them back.

Elaine glanced at Jacob at this time, and then said to charlie with a flattering face, “Good son-in-law, you can go out and do some work, you don’t have to worry about anything at home!” After saying that, he quickly stepped forward and offered to help

charlie. Picking up the suitcase, he walked out with all his strength, and kept urging, “Good son-in-law. It’s getting late, you have to hurry up, don’t miss the plane and delay the business.” Jacob also saw charlie

being Elaine urged him out of the door, his heart dropped to the bottom, and he could only follow him out angrily.

charlie didn’t leave any chance for Jacob. He stuffed the suitcase into the trunk of the BMW, then waved to the two of them and said, “Mom, Dad, I’m leaving first.” After saying that, he got into the car and stepped on the accelerator

. Home door.

Half an hour later, charlie arrived at the airport. The plane was ready to take off, and Arman also landed at Aurous Hill Airport on time.

After the two met, they boarded a private plane to the United States. The plane took off in the night and headed to New York, 10,000 kilometers away.


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    1. The story was going so good without this woman .. hate having to read anything to do with . And Charlie just a bad to allow this b*tch it actually get her way ! People like her you do everything possible to not allow her to have anything close to her way .. plus if you and can give a horrible person like her money why not just give Jacob the money if you know his personality? 4 wanted chapters

    2. The entire Wilson family aside from Clair is a total waste, they had nothing to the story, Charlie is supporting elaine slackness always giving her money, she do not deserve it, so I agree two wasted chapters.

  1. May the next 10,000 chapters never mention Jacob nor Elaine again. Even Claire, let her meet a man in the US instead!

  2. Thanks for these two chapters of the amazing son in law. Please send more chapters beginning with 6170. Thanks 😊

  3. All I hope is that Sara do not find out about Charlie.
    Sara can easily buy Elaine to do anything at Charlie .
    Lets hope this trip to New York will find more clues but no more new characters
    We have so many story line with so many characters open.

  4. In chapter 335 there was a mentioned of a “Wilson” family being a prominent family and Claire’ s grandfather and Mr Wilson ( Kenneth ) father are distant cousins and old Mr Wilson save the other cousin etc..
    So I believe at some point of this ten thousand chapters novel we will see or find out something @ old grandpa wilson.
    The old man Wilson just finding out Charlie being WADE family in the construction site n marrying him to his beautiful granddaughter is a it far fetched unless old Wilson knows exactly who is Charlie and what will become of him

    1. I think his mother arranged for old man Wilson to set Charlie up marry is granddaughter know that she would if told to .. this way Charlie could hide for a while long as he developed and it’s not a rich family but not a poor family just a unnoticed family

    2. It was mentioned that Claire’s grandfather was a boy when his family were servants of the Wade family. He recognized Charlie because he looked like old man Wade when he was young.

  5. It was explained as old Mr Wilson felt indebted to the Wades and marrying off his granddaughter as a payback to the family. Claire also recalled sometimes later that her grandfather stopped reminiscing about the Wade family after her marriage to Charlie.

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