The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6171

charlie smiled and said, “In that case, you don’t need to call him. We can go directly there and give him a surprise. “

Okay! ” ” Arman readily agreed, with obvious expectations on his face. He couldn’t help but said to charlie, “Master, to be honest with you, I have always regarded Gunbir as my son. I haven’t seen him in a while, and I still feel sad. Miss him quite a bit. “

charlie understands very well.

Arman’s life in the United States was very poor. It was better in the past few years. With Fang Jiaxin by his side, he was able to drink and drink. But after Fang

Jiaxin left, He stared at his identity as an illegal immigrant and ran a roast goose shop. He lived a life of poverty and despair.

To him, Qiangzi was not just an adopted orphan or a waiter, but more of a life. Sustenance.

After the two of them left the airport, charlie directly rented an inconspicuous Chevrolet car and headed to Chinatown with Arman.

This time when he came to the United States, charlie did not ask anyone to make any preparations for the United States. I didn’t tell Fei Kexin. It was not only safer to keep a low profile as much as possible, but also easier to find some clues buried in the market. I drove

to the familiar Chinatown and found that Arman’s previous roast goose shop was still in business.

charlie After parking the car, Arman couldn’t wait to open the car door.

When the two of them walked into the roast goose shop, the shop was surprisingly deserted. There was only one person sitting at one of the several dining tables. Gunbir was sitting at the table. While the kitchen was getting ready, I heard someone coming in, so I shouted from inside, “Sit down wherever you want, we’ll be here soon!” “

After saying that, after more than ten seconds, he walked out of the kitchen with a piece of roast goose rice.

When he saw that the people coming were Arman and charlie, he was startled for a moment.He murmured in surprise, “Uncle Arman, Mr. Wade… why are you here?!”

Arman was smiling and was about to say hello to him when he saw that his face was covered with bruises and purple scars, and even the corners of his mouth were covered with bruises. There was a cut and a black scab had formed, so he asked in shock, “Gunbir, what’s wrong with your face?!” Gunbir subconsciously

turned away half of his face, taking the opportunity to serve the guests and supporting them. He hesitated and said, “It’s okay, Uncle Arman… I just learned to ride a motorcycle coolly a few days ago and accidentally fell…”

Arman immediately said, “No way! Your injury was not caused by falling while riding a motorcycle at all! Just take it as Look in the mirror and look at your panda eyes. They were obviously punched out by someone with their fists. There are also injuries at the corners of your mouth. If I hadn’t slapped you very hard, it would have been impossible to slap the corners of your mouth. You say! What happened? What’s going on!”

Gunbir said covertly, “Uncle Arman…my injury is really…not really a beating…”

As he said that, he quickly looked at the clock and saw that it was already past nine o’clock, so he quickly said “Hey, Uncle Arman, you said you didn’t say hello to me in advance when you arrived so that I could pick you up at the airport. It’s getting late now, so why don’t I close the shop first and take you and Mr. Wade to find a place to live? !”

After that, without waiting for Arman to speak, he quickly said to the guest, “I’m sorry, sir, I have something to do today and I have to close early. I will pack this meal for you and take it away without charging you. OK?”

When the guest heard this, he quickly nodded in agreement, but Uncle Arman frowned and asked him, “Gunbir, tell me the truth, are you in any trouble?

” As I was talking, a low roar of motorcycles suddenly came from outside. The roars were getting closer and louder.

Gunbir’s expression suddenly became extremely nervous, and he quickly said, “Uncle Arman, Mr. Wade, I have something to deal with. Please go upstairs and avoid it for a while!”


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  1. Thanks for these two chapters of the amazing son in law. Please send more chapters beginning with 6172. Thanks 😊

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  3. Oh wow
    Another rescue story
    I wonder what will Charlie encounter and what will he discover
    Usually these rescue episode bring him rare treasures.
    Also how did Arman can enter USA with a very short notice
    As a deportee ( Arman) can re enter USA.
    Anyone can bring light ?

    1. It has been long since he was deported, shouldn’t be trouble to enter legally now with his improved status.

    2. LoL. this is not a real life scenario. Any real life rules can be bent in the story. They can go wherever they want without any visa

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